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Fridge Brilliance

Strange behaviors by older characters start to make more sense when you grow up:
  • In Ramona the Pest, Miss Binney gets uncharacteristically angry when Howie asks if her mother is coming to take her home when school is over. Being a young and inexperienced teacher, this was probably a sensitive subject for her. Her coworkers may have even made jokes about the subject.
  • In Ramona Forever, Ramona is surprised that Beezus is so willing to babysit her after school instead of going to rich and popular Pamela's house. Beezus later explains that she's not speaking to Pamela because she was always asking when Mr. Quimby is going to get a real job. Beezus was probably looking for an excuse to get out of seeing Pamela without having to tell the truth.
  • In Ramona Forever, Ramona assumes that her aunt's wedding isn't going to happen when she snaps at her fiance at the rehearsal party and they get into a fight. Aunt Bea was probably under a huge amount of stress. She was finishing teaching elementary school and writing progress reports, planning a wedding, preparing to move to Alaska, selling her car, etc... All of that finally got to her and she lost it at something fairly minor. Once she got that out, she and Hobart were able to make up pretty easily. It's just too bad it happened in front of their families.

Fridge Horror:

An ongoing behavioral tic of the Quimbys' cat is his refusal to eat cheap cat food. In Ramona Forever, he falls over and dies, supposedly of old age, but the gravestone Ramona makes for him says he was only 10 years old, which isn't that old for a cat (house cats can live to be 12-18 with proper care). Did the Quimbys inadvertently starve their cat to death?
  • One has to wonder as to why and how Picky-Picky got to be the way he is. If he wasn't starved, then he might have gotten sick from his unusual eating habits.

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