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Heartwarming / Ramona Quimby

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At least one per book, usually near the end when whatever has been upsetting Ramona or her sister is resolved.

  • Beezus and Ramona: Beezus realizes that most younger sisters act like Ramona, and no matter how angry she is with her, she's glad to have Ramona as a sister.
  • Ramona the Pest: Two of these during Ramona's kindergarten dropout phase:
  • Ramona the Brave: The kids in Room One being extra nice to Ramona after she's forced to apologize to Susan in front of everyone.
    • The teacher and the kids being understanding and sympathetic when Ramona explains her encounter with the dog in the last chapter. This is especially satisfying after they laughed at her story about the workmen building the room in an earlier chapter.
  • Ramona & Her Father: Beezus and Ramona getting her father to give up smoking.
    • Mr. Quimby and Ramona drawing the world's longest picture together. Really, anything that shows the father-daughter bond between the two.
    • In a moment that may cross into Tear Jerker, Ramona comes home from school and discovers she's locked out of the house because Dad is late getting home. It's raining, and Ramona soon becomes frightened of things like strangers, big dogs, and "big hairy men on motorcycles" that might try to "get" her. This makes it especially heartwarming when Dad gets home and profusely apologizes.
  • Ramona & Her Mother: "How could I get along without my Ramona?"
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  • Ramona Quimby, Age 8: When the family arrives at the Whopperburger, an older man asks Ramona if she's been good to her mother. Later, that same man is revealed to have paid for the family's meals despite being them total strangers to him.
  • Ramona Forever: Ramona and Beezus making up over the death of Picky-Picky.
    • Ramona accepting Hobart as her uncle after spending most of the book either annoyed with him or on the fence.
    • Ramona is frightened while Mrs. Quimby is at the hospital giving birth to Roberta. Beezus hugs her and says she remembers when Ramona was born: "You got born and Mother was fine."

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