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Fridge / Pee-wee's Big Adventure

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Fridge Brilliance

  • The scene with Pee-wee's rampage in Francis' bathroom begins quietly with Pee-wee at the Police station. The officer....with a seemingly throwaway (but still funny) line....asks "So what made you think the Soviets were involved?". Later, in the Show Within the Show, James Brolin's James Bond expy, "P.W. Herman" must reclaim his "bike" note  from the Soviets, who stole it with the help of ninjas.
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  • Why is Mickey checking out Pee Wee Disguised in Drag - oh right, he just escaped from prison!
  • During the Show Within a Show, Pee-wee corpses shamelessly while standing in the background, smirking and mouthing the other actors' lines. Toward the end of the scene, he glances at something off-camera and then slides over, partially out of sight. Apparently the annoyed director motioned for him to get the hell out of frame because he was ruining the take.


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