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Tear Jerker / Pee-wee's Big Adventure

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  • When Pee-wee finds his bike is missing. He's walking back with a new part only to drop his bag when he sees it gone, looking on the verge of a panic attack when he makes his way back to Dottie before passing out. The chilling score during the scene helps sell Pee-wee's trauma.
  • Shortly after losing his bike Pee-wee wanders around the mall heartbroken. All around him he sees people with their bikes, clearly feeling Alone Among the Couples now that he's lost his bike.
    • At one point during the scene Pee-wee sees his bike reflected in a store window only to see it's a normal bike, meaning he hallucinated seeing his bike.
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  • During Pee-wee's meeting Dottie tries to help by offering him a deal on a new bike. Pee-wee lashes out, saying he wants his bike and that he doesn't need Dottie or anybody. Given how good natured Pee-wee normally is it's disheartening to see him so angry.
  • How crushed Pee-Wee becomes when the tour guide tells him there isn't a basement in the Alamo. You can see the defeat in him as he realizes his entire journey there was for nothing.

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