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Fridge / Gormenghast

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  • Where did Dr. Prunesquallor go to medical school?
  • Where did the seventy-seven earls' wives come from? Are they from noble families from outside Gormenghast? Commoners from within Gormenghast? Or is there incest (which would explain a lot, actually)?
    • I've been wondering about the Countess and her precedessors - the book explicitly states that she isn't one of the Groans or the commoners, which means that she must come from the outside world.
      • There's probably some limited contact with the outside for marriages and such, but its tightly controlled and kept away from the average person(if there is such a thing in Gormenghast).
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  • Come to think of it, where does all the food in the castle come from? It's not grown by the villagers outside; rather, the inhabitants of Gormenghast feed them with crusts of bread. (Gormenghast may be vast enough to contain orchards and facilities for rearing animals somewhere, but it certainly can't have its own grain fields.)

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