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Trivia / Gormenghast

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  • Author Existence Failure: Peake was planning on a cycle of seven novels, but contracted Parkinson's Disease, leading to his death at the age of only 57.
  • Big Name Fan: It counts among its admirers the likes of Anthony Burgess, Michael Moorcock, Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, George R. R. Martin, China Miéville, Graham Greene, C. S. Lewis, John Crowley and literary critic Harold Bloom.
  • Creator Breakdown: The aforementioned Parkinson's Disease aggravated his emotional and mental instability, before writing the third and died after finishing only one chapter of Titus Awakes, which would have been the fourth. The omnibus edition ends with a list of the tropes Peake intended to use later on (although not referred to by Wiki Word, of course) and the words "what these books could have been." For example, there was going to be a revisitation of Gormenghast during an interregnum in which Prunesquallor is in charge. Titus Alone had to be edited severely because Peake had put in plot elements that arguably made absolutely no sense given the plots of the previous two books.


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