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Headscratchers / Gormenghast

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  • So in the middle of Gormenghast it mentions Titus turns 12. Then, as far as I can recall, nothing of significance happens until Titus, Flay and the Doctor catch Steerpike and drive him into hiding. This was repeatedly described as nothing a young boy should have been present for. People get all anxious but they reckon the ceremony of the Bright Carvers will get things back on track. Alright all good, only in the aftermath of that event the narrative starts describing Titus as being seventeen? So was Titus seventeen when Steerpike's true nature was revealed? Or was Steerpike on the run for five years in between? The narration doesn't seem to indicate either is likely. Surely Steerpike would have left Gormenghast or achieved something significant in five years of hiding.
  • How does Titus know of Sepulchrave's death in Titus Alone? Did Flay tell him at some point? Did he tell the rest of Gormenghast?
    • Flay did in fact tell him. Since Flay was supposed to be in exile outside of the castle, he wouldn't be able to tell anyone beyond Titus (and by the time he was in a position to tell anyone else, he was already dead). Titus for his part was so desperate to be rid of the responsibility of being Earl of Groan that he might not have wanted to spread around any information that confirmed the fact that his father was truly dead.

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