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Preschool Popstars is a series of animated music videos on YouTube.

They feature three preschool-aged girls: one blonde, one who appears to be Hispanic, and one Asian. The description of the channel says that their names are Hailey, Bailey, and Jazz, although there is no telling who's whonote .

The girls sing pop-style songs about things relevant to preschool children, such as see-saws, juice boxes, and training wheels.

Preschool Popstars provides examples of

  • Animate Inanimate Object: "Before I Go to Sleep" features some talking stars.
  • Anthropomorphic Food:
    • "I Didn't Mean to Burp" features a sentient box of French fries, soda bottle, and ice cream.
    • "Wait Until I Cook It" features a talking sweetcorn.
    • In "Juice Box", there's some sentient fruit.
  • Bizarre Beverage Use: In the music video for "Juice Box", the girls are seen swimming in juice.
  • Cowboy Episode: "Hair Cut Strut" is in country style and the girls are wearing cowgirl hats.
  • The Dinnermobile: "Juice Box" has some cars with fruit-shaped wheels.
  • Disease-Prevention Aesop: "Wash Your Hands" is a song about how you should wash your hands after using the bathroom and (if you've touched something that might be contaminated) before eating.
  • Disney Acid Sequence:
    • The chorus to "Wash Your Hands" features surreal things like giant bars of soap and orange sky.
    • "I Didn't Mean to Burp" has multicoloured backgrounds and the Asian girl shrinking and running around in the food.
    • "Juice Box" has multicoloured backgrounds and the girls swimming in juice.
    • "Bounce" also has multicoloured backgrounds.
  • Filthy Fun: In "Wash Your Hands", the blonde girl is seen jumping into a muddy puddle.
  • "Getting Ready for Bed" Plot: "Before I Go to Sleep" is about the dark-skinned girl and the Asian girl going to bed.
  • Grub Tub: In "Juice Box", some of the surreal visuals include the girls swimming in juice.
  • Incredible Shrinking Man: Or girl, rather. In "I Didn't Mean to Burp", the Asian girl shrinks and runs around some ice cream cones, eats one, and grows back to normal size, then drinks something and shrinks again. She's back to normal for the chorus, though.
  • Kids Hate Vegetables: The song "Wait Until I Cook It" features a little girl of preschool age saying that she's so hungry that she'd "even" eat vegetables, implying that she usually wouldn't.
  • Little Professor Dialogue: In "See Saw", the blonde girl says, "fulcrum".
  • Living Toys: "Daycare Dance Party" has a dancing toy robot, toy dinosaur, and teddy bear.
  • Monstrous Germs: In "Wash Your Hands", germs have faces.
  • Nearly Normal Animal: The cat in "I Didn't Mean to Burp" is pretty much a regular cat but eats pizza.
  • Odd Name Out: The girls are named Hailey, Bailey, and Jazz.
  • Ode to Food:
    • Technically, it's an Ode to Drink, but "Juice Box" is a song about how the girls want a really impressive juice box.
    • "Wait Until I Cook It" is about the girls waiting for the blonde girl's mother to cook dinner and being very hungry.
    • "I Didn't Mean to Burp" is about the girls (and the Asian girl's cat) eating a lot of food and it making them burp.
  • Smart Ball: Although she's normally just a normal preschooler, the dark-skinned girl is seen with a chemistry set in "Wash Your Hands".
  • Solid Clouds:
    • In "Before I Go to Sleep", the Asian girl is seen sleeping on a cloud.
    • In "Bounce", the dark-skinned girl bounces on clouds.
  • Stock "Yuck!": In "Wait Until I Cook It", the blonde girl mentions that she could even eat vegetables.
  • Toilet Humour: At the end of "I Didn't Mean to Burp", the girls mention that at least they burped and didn't fart.
  • Unnamed Parent: The Hispanic (?) girl and the Asian girl mention their mothers in "Before I Go to Sleep", the Hispanic-looking girl's father is very briefly mentioned in "Hair Cut Strut", her mother is seen in "Hair Cut Strut", the Asian girl's mother is seen in "Divas in Training Wheels", and the blonde girl's mother is seen in "Wait Until I Cook It", but they aren't named.
  • Weird Moon: In "Before I Go to Sleep", the dark-skinned girl climbs up a ladder and falls asleep on the crescent moon.


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