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Fridge / Foodfight!

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Fridge Brilliance

  • Mr. Clipboard has bizarre facial expressions and body movements because he's a robot piloted by Lady X.
  • It's possible Dex and Sunshine are attracted to each other because Dex is a mascot for cinnamon cereal and raisins taste good with both cinnamon and cereals.
  • One of the headlines in Dex’s office says “Leads Dry as Prunes.” Who was the main villain of the story again? Something something genetically giant prunes? The real mystery is whether this foreshadowing was on purpose, or completely on accident.

Fridge Horror

  • Dex is a dog who eats raisins. Let it sink in for a second, then ask yourself: "If this movie was a hit, how many children would attempt to feed their dog raisins?"
    • As Phelous points out, raisins are also poisonous to cats.
  • So....the owner of Marketopolis lets any deranged weirdo march his way into the store and allows him to sell products of a dubious nature without making an agreement with him first?
  • For Peter Lorre fans, the weasel's "You despise me don't you?" line is this, as it reveals who this horrendous character is supposed to be a (horrendous) parody of.

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