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Fridge Horror

  • Liv is implied to be reincarnated mystic/demigoddess with powers that could resurrect the dead and grant immortality. Although she is benevolent, we already saw the boss kidnap her to take part of an occult ceremony to grant him immortality. This raises up the question what would happen if her powers are corrupted.
  • As discussed, the most disturbing zombie is the limbless zombie that walks with a ball and chain. No one can explain how the poor guy ended up like this but fan theories include:
    • It has been speculated that the ball and chain has been possessed by a malignant spirit and uses the limbless corpse as its host.
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    • And in the underpass stage, a blue version (possibly indicating being waterlogged for a long time) of the limbless zombie appears. This implies that the victim was chained, drowned, and possibly devoured by the crocodile-like lizards in the catacombs.

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