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  • The trend of poor voice acting in arcade rail shooters continues.
    • "What is this?"
    • "This place stinks... I feel nauseated."
    • "Henry, I think we're in big trouble!"
    • "OK, let's go!"
    • "Look! There's an underground passage!"
    • "Are you alright?"
    • When the secret lab in the catacombs is found: "Was that guy snooping around?"
    • "We've got to look for Liv."
      • "I know."
    • After fighting zombies, ghosts, abominations, and a demonic creature, Alicia's reaction in the ending is simply "Who were those guys anyway?"
  • The subtitles can be unintentionally hilarious at times.
    • Alicia screaming "Oh no, oh no, oh no!" at the start of the butcher boss is written as "Oh! No!"
    • Apparently the snake has a name, as Henry shouts "It's Head! Aim at its head!" just before you fight it.
    • If the player(s) fail to repel the Advancing Wall of Doom in the first stage, a short cutscene shows the three protagonists being pushed to the courtyard. The subtitles read: "Oh no!" Henry calmly then says: "Are you alright?"
  • The skeleton zombie model. Instead of a walking skeleton, we get what resembles a man wearing a skeleton outfit for Halloween.
  • In the first stage, you'll encounter two skeleton zombies fighting over a piece of ham at the dinner table.
  • When the Butcher boss attempts to throw a zombie at you, the zombie appears to be struggling.
  • The "Good" ending in which Liv accidentally drops the mystical book and causes the haunted mansion to entirely burn. What, was it rigged with C4 the entire time (with the book its detonator)?
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  • In both the "Normal" and "Good" endings, none of the protagonists ever question that their friend has mystical powers.
    Henry: Liv, let's get out of here.
  • The bad ending, even though a form of Nightmare Fuel, in which the final boss turns Henry, Alicia, Joe, and Liv into zombies. Every character appears to be either newly-undead or under a demonic trance, but some may find that they look drunk or high instead.

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