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Fridge Brilliance

  • The fact that Remus and Danger were apparently the first people in centuries to successfully invoke the Three-Fold Curse of the Righteous makes a lot more sense when we see Danger's wish magic frequently pull off similar feats on a smaller scale. And when we learn that Remus is the Heir of Gryffindor, it makes even more sense that he could invoke the power of the Founders to level that curse.
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  • One of the Dangerverse sidefics is a partial songfic of If I Die Young by The Band Perry depicting Danger's thoughts in the aftermath of Draco's death. Now, the fic ends before you get to the end of the song, but if you happen to be familiar with it, you'll know that it ends with the revelation that the dead girl isn't actually dead.
  • One of Ginny's hobbies in this story is sculpting in clay. And as Hermione points out, there's a word for a person who works clay...
  • The author of the Sacred Twenty-Eight (supposedly Cantankerus Nott)excluded the Potters because of Henry "Harry" Potter's condemnation of the Minister forbidding the magical community from being involved in World War I, and his outspoken support of the Muggle community. Nott believed that the commonness of the Potter name in the Muggle world could mean that the Potters were Muggle-born. In DV, we find that William Potter, a student during the Founder's era was indeed Muggle-born.
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  • Luna's mother was a gifted witch who died while making a scrying potion. Part of the bowl exploded and she died shielding Luna. Luna was cut by a piece of the bowl and some of the potion got into her blood and she became a Seer. Years later, she and Draco become blood heirs of Slytherin, whose powers were speaking Parseltongue and being Seers.

Fridge Horror

  • Fridge Fridge Horror: Reynard and Luna Beauvoi were newlyweds during their time at Malfoy Manor. Presumably, they would wish to consummate their marriage, probably quite frequently. Moreover, it would be so totally in-character for Lucius Malfoy to take full advantage of having a pretty young pureblood girl totally devoted to him that it probably would have attracted notice had they remained celibate. The Fridge Horror comes from thinking about what Peter or Snape would have felt, seeing what would appear to be Lucius Malfoy taking full advantage of having a pretty young pureblood girl totally devoted to him.

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