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Tear Jerker / Dangerverse

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    Living With Danger 
  • Narcissa saying goodbye to Draco.
    • And her last moments with Andromeda. Poor Andromeda had to watch her sister dying in front of her, with absolutely nothing she could do, and then keep working for hours, as if nothing had happened.
  • Harry's abuse by the Dursleys, which is portrayed quite believably, certainly qualifies.
  • Aletha singing Close Every Door in prison, to help Sirius not panic.
  • A happy tearjerker in chapter 1: Remus Lupin has, in the space of a few days, lost everyone he cares about. Lily and James dead, because of Sirius' betrayal, Peter outright killed by Sirius, note  and Harry alive, but hidden away, so nobody could find him... Including Remus. And then...
    Green eyes? Oh God...
    Remus was on his feet without knowing it as the young woman gently pulled down the child's hood, exposing black, tousled hair and bright green eyes in a tear-streaked face.
    James' face. And Lily's eyes.
    He was running toward the child, unable to stop himself, knowing he must look completely mad, and not caring at all...
    "Mooey!" the little boy squealed. His face lit up, and he lifted his arms in a "pick-me-up" gesture. Remus snatched him up and held him close, reveling in the feel of trusting arms around his neck, in the scent of the boy's hair and skin, in having the last person in the world he cared for close to his heart once more.
    And I'll never let him go again...
  • Run, my loves... Run, and don't look back.
  • The Pack-parents are in prison, and they don't know where any of the kids are. Danger is unconscious, and has been for hours. Remus and Danger's mindlink isn't working, and without her there, he'll have to go through an uncontrolled transformation for the first time in nearly ten years.
  • Danger deciding to give up, effectively, her life, so that Remus will no longer be a werewolf, and none of the Pack will be in danger note  ever again.
    Living Without Danger 
  • The Halloween/troll chapter in [LWoD] seems fine, and then there's just one line...
    Sirius: "It's ten years tonight since my world fell apart."
  • Siss's death.
    Dealing With Danger 
    Facing Danger 
  • The miscarriage of Marcus.
  • Hagrid's death.
  • Ron's eyes
    Surpassing Danger 
  • Draco's sacrifice to let Harry and Hermione get to safety with one of the Horcruxes.
  • George's death, causing Crystal to almost go mad, killing every Death Eater.
  • Graham's Heroic Sacrifice, right after his First Kiss with Natalie.
  • Bittersweet Tearjerker, when Danger sees Draco and Luna playing in the Founders' Castle.
  • Danger being poisoned, and Remus killed by Voldemort as he tries to distract Voldemort.
  • The return of Danger and Remus from what they thought was a sure death.
  • Harry realizing he will never hear Sangre speak after giving the horcrux the finger.

    One-shots and A Us 
    Never Forget 
  • The whole thing
  • Harry not having any recollection of the Pack
  • Hermione alone in the orphanage unable to speak
  • The adults having all four of their children being taken from them, and the children's memories being erased so that they can no longer remember. Of course, this is not the case for Draco and Meghan for very long, and Hermione and Harry's memories are also returned once they are able to go back to the Pack, but still...

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