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  • Professor (Alice) Longbottom's speech to the DA.
    Professor Longbottom: Let us get a few things perfectly clear, ladies and gentlemen! Standing up to your opponent and shouting a challenge sounds very good in stories! Engaging in a duel, wand to wand and face to face, makes for excellent photographs! But you will not be fighting in stories or photographs, ladies and gentlemen! You will be fighting in a war, against wizards who do not care that you are young and who do not care about fair play! They care only that you are fighting back, and they will hurt you and kill you if they get the chance! Therefore, your primary job is to not give them that chance!
    • She follows this up with three very simple rules of battle:
      1. Keep your friends alive.
      2. Get your objective.
      3. Don't die.
  • Hermione and Draco manage to steal Hufflepuff's Cup from the Lestrange Gringotts vault without getting caught.
  • Amanda standing up to Voldemort
  • Draco hid as Lucius Malfoy for a "four months, three weeks, two days, eighteen hours, and thirty-seven minutes" and did not get caught. And with most time spent in front of Voldemort, too!
    • On the other hand, he never suspected Snape either...
  • During the final battle, as Harry starts the process of a Heroic Sacrifice to defeat Voldemort, the spirit of his future daughter with Ginny notices that Ginny is sad about the tie between her and Harry being pulled away. She doesn't want Ginny sad so she latches onto said tie and yanks Harry back into life. Also qualifies as a Heartwarming Moment.
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  • Remus manages to fully destroy the curse of the werewolf running on his own strength of will, and does the same for every werewolf that did the same as him, in the first full moon after Nadia's birth.
  • Several of the uses of the pendant jewels, including
    • Neville using one of his Hufflepuff gems to trap Bellatrix Lestrange in a tree that used to be her wand
    • Ron using the Hufflepuff gem he received to save both his own and Harry's lives when their broomstick lose their magic.
    • Letha, and late Draco, using a Ravenclaw gem to store their memories
    • Harry using all the remaining Gryffindor gems from the Pack and the Pride to call upon the spirits of everyone who ever loved them that has died, including James and Lily Potter, Danger's parents, and more. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.

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