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Fridge / Camelot

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  • Fridge Brilliance: Some might wonder why Guinevere turns to Lancelot when she has such a fine, loving husband in Arthur (let's face it, considering the track record of royal arranged marriages, an attractive husband fairly close to her age who never mistreats her, worships her and never cheats on her is hitting the jackpot). But consider: Arthur never has a love song directly to Guinevere. He sings lovingly about her in "How To Handle A Woman", but he never sings his love directly to her, or has a love duet with her. Instead, he has a love song...about his realm (the title song). That tells us that no matter how much Arthur may love Guinevere, he is a king first, a husband second, and will always put his kingdom over his love for his wife (something that comes to the fore when Guinevere is caught in adultery..."Let her die, your life's over; let her live, your life's a fraud."). Guinevere, having been a sheltered and romantically-minded teenage princess, never let go of her dreams of having a lover who worshiped her above all things. She finds that in Lancelot, who has the show's big love song "If Ever I Would Leave You". Unlike Arthur, Lancelot has a love song directly addressed to Guinevere, and puts her above anything else, even his own honor.