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Fridge / Calvin and Hobbes: The Series

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In-Universe examples

  • "It Will Build Character":
    Do you know what the mountain lion did then?
    You think it attacked Hobbes?
    No, it completely ignored Hobbes, leaped off the tree, and started for Calvin again!
    How did Hobbes do that? If he was the closest one to the mountain lion, why didn't it slap him around a few times?
    Never mind.

Out-of-universe examples:

Fridge Horror

  • From "Black Rain": Dr. Thunderstorm says that the Slender Man came when he was a child, and "he took another last time." This means Dr. Thunderstorm was perfectly willing to let someone else suffer a terrible fate in order to save his own skin once and probably would've done it again.
    • Not to mention Thunderstorm and Shadow's implied fates.
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    • What Thunderstorm could've done to Frank and Jack when they were down.


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