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Heartwarming / Calvin and Hobbes: The Series

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  • Calvin allowing Hobbes to live with him at the end of the first episode.
  • Jack thanking Dr. Brainstorm for saving him from his evil side in "62 Percent More Evil". Unfortunately he doesn't hear it at the time.
  • During the Father's Day episode "Dad", Calvin and Dr Brainstorm, after spending most of the episode trying to get away from their dads, eventually recognize that they really care and humor them, ending up having a good time anyway.
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  • During the TV movie "Invasion", Calvin and Hobbes have a nice moment when Hobbes shows concern about Calvin's safety, and the following reassurance is enough for Hobbes to show some backbone for a change.
  • Dr. Brainstorm's small speech at the end of "Thunderstorm".
    "Well, Calvin, you have proven to be a most worthy adversary. [...] And in those lost three days, you have also proven to be a worthy companion."
  • Calvin and Hobbes bonding in "Roughin' It".
  • MTM proves his loyalty to Calvin in "An MTM Episode" when he reveals that he blew Frank up against his systems controls.
  • "Tonsil Terror" has Socrates, after getting Hobbes paranoid that Calvin might die after surgery, almost feels like crying as well when they think they were too late and that Calvin had died.
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  • Anytime Mom and Dad show genuine concern for Calvin's well being.
  • In fact, many Jerk with a Heart of Gold characters have these moments once in a while.
  • After a very tension-filled moment in "Black Rain", the protagonists prove their status as True Companions when they agree to stay with Socrates until they find out why he's being targeted. Even Sherman.
    • Also, when Thunderstorm is brought back from his frozen state, captures Frank and Jack, and orders Shadow to steal information from Jack's mind, Dr. Brainstorm gets really angry, showing that he really cares for his creation.
    • The very last line of Part 7 has a small one: The Slender Man waves to the protagonists from the shadows, its mission completed.
    • Mother Brainstorm hugging Frank and Jack, showing she really does care for them.
    • The epilogue, the very last chapter of the entire series, where the protagonists wonder about what to do next, providing a decent outlet for the writers to express their thoughts on the series as a whole.
    Andy cleared his throat. "So now that that's over with, what happens now?"
    "What do you mean?" Hobbes asked.
    "Well, with Thunderstorm and Shadow condemned to who knows where, that's another pair of bad guys taken care of. Holographic Retro was killed, Rupert Chill is in prison, trapped in a human body, Earl and the other aliens have been quiet, and now Thunderstorm and Shadow are gone. What's going to happen to us next?"
    "Ohh, I daresay some sort of conflict will arise to keep us busy eventually," Sherman said knowingly.
    "Yeah, there's always something," Socrates agreed. "For example, we still haven't figured out what the deal with my tail is. I mean, I always thought the red stripes were just a birth defect or something, but maybe it's something more."
    "I've noticed that everything has its reasons," MTM added. "There must be someone else returning that we don't know about."
    "That stands to reason," Calvin said quietly. "Yes, I imagine there's still a lot for us to do."
    "It's just not going to happen as frequently as it used to," Andy said with a hint of sadness in his voice.
    "Is anyone else feeling a distinct change in the air?" Socrates asked, rolling his eyes around the sky as if searching for it in the clouds.
    "It doesfeel like the end of an era for some reason," Sherman put in. "Almost as though… I don't know how to describe it. It's like… we have less evil to worry about for now. It used to be every week there was something to worry about."
    "Perhaps the universe is deciding we're due for a break," Hobbes suggested. "These past several years have been pretty rugged lately."
    "Past several years…," Calvin murmured, seeming a bit confused for a moment before he shook it off. "Yeah, a lot has happened. You know, I remember back in the very beginning when it was just Hobbes and me against the world – fighting against the slimy girls, homework, babysitters and eggplant casserole. Then we met a mad scientist who wanted to rule the world with imagination, and then a bunch of idiot aliens mistook me for the Earth Potentate, then we met Socrates, and then we met Andy and Sherman, and then Dr Brainstorm and Jack showed up, and then I had the MTM, and it's just been one madcap adventure after another. It used to be so quiet around here, and now I'm constantly saving the planet with my five best friends in the world."
    "Yeah…," Hobbes said quietly. Then he grinned. "It's good, isn't it?"
    "The best," Calvin agreed.
    "Wouldn't give it up for anything," added Andy.
    • The constant True Companions moments help, too.
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    • From the same chapter has Calvin finally admitting that Socrates is his friend.

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