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In-show quotes

Calvin: Hobbes, if you will recall, I've tried to explain to Mom and Dad about the life I lead. I've tried to explain that I have a cardboard box that can change me into so many other things, make more of things and then take me to different times. I've tried to explain that my CD player is capable of mending holes in reality the size of New Zealand in seconds flat and still find time to watch TV.
The MTM: Cheers.
Calvin: I've tried to explain my squirt gun can fire lasers. I've tried to explain my pencil is a duplicator. I've tried to explain that we've been to strange, twisted, distant worlds and that our own has nearly been destroyed several times over. I've tried to explain about the people I've met and the exciting things I've seen, but it all boils down to one thing.
Hobbes: What's that?
Calvin: No one else notices anything!
— "Cyberboy"


By the way, I've noticed something interesting: the five seasons of this show so far seem to correspond closely to the first five seasons of the new series of Doctor Who. The first three series had almost no continuous story arc and consisted almost entirely of oneshot stories. Season 4 was the first you could notice a story arc without squinting at every poster in the background (i.e. Retro appearing at the end of a story). Now we're in Season 5, and things are starting to come to a head quickly. Doctor Who had the Pandorica, and you seem to have Socrates's tail. The aliens in "Prelude to a Season", the fortune teller, the glowing sphere thing, and the smoke all said someone is returning. At this rate the whole "converging lines" thing will become a huge serialized story in Season 6, and then Season 7 will be unconnected oneshots and people will come Back from the Dead for no reason. *trollface*

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