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Fridge / Black Mirror: Striking Vipers

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Black Mirror Fridge
Series Five
Striking VipersSmithereensRachel, Jack and Ashley Too

Fridge Horror

  • I got this from a Reddit thread. Considering how people can conduct sexual activities in the game and feel every sensation of it, what if someone were to force themselves on someone else trying to actually play the game? Even worse, what if the latter were a rape victim?
    • Another thing, if players can feel all the pain their characters are feeling, what if someone were to snap and perform a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on some poor soul they got matched up with and kill them?
    • What if a child managed to play the game? There don't seem to be any real restrictions in place to stop a child from accessing the game (in real life, despite age restrictions kids can find ways to play mature video games or their parents just don't think the age restriction is a big deal because it's just a game). All the avatars look and sound like adults, so it wouldn't be immediately obvious the player is underage. Kids could get involved in stuff they are not in any way equipped to deal with in the game (be it sexual activity, having the crap beaten out of them and feeling all of it etc); there's even the possibility that online predators could use the game to groom and abuse victims.