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Fridge / Black Mirror: Smithereens

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Black Mirror Fridge
Series Five
Striking VipersSmithereensRachel, Jack and Ashley Too

Fridge Brilliance

  • Of course the first fare Chris picked up from Smithereen who was actually an employee would be some low-level intern. If the company pays so well and its real employees are so elite, then obviously they'd have their own cars (if not their own drivers), and if they did use an Uber/Lyft-style service they'd call an Uber Black (an actual limo with a professional chauffeur), over exactly the kind of professionalism/safety concerns that bit Jaden right in the ass.

Fridge Horror

  • Not exactly horror as such, but an example of Brooker playing with audience sympathy. No one would expect the creator of Black Mirror, of all people, to try to make you feel sorry for someone like Jack Dorsey, but he does. By the end of the episode we realize that Billy, as the CEO and public face of the company he created but no longer controls, has already heard dozens of stories like Christopher's, and he's going on these seemingly self-indulgent meditation retreats because he's racked with guilt over the effects his technology has had on society and has no idea what to do about it. You can hear his desperation in his last words to Christopher to find some way to save him and buy himself some kind of moral absolution, and whatever the outcome of the final gunshot it's just one more trauma for him to bear — and judging from the callous reaction of his team to the situation, one he'll have to bear alone.