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Physical Descriptions

Being one of the few Pokemon confirmed to be created by humans, Mewtwo has an appearance strange even by the standards of experienced trainers. It is 6'7" (2 meters) tall and has a bipedal humanoid body, although its long tail and large hips and feet make its lower half resemble a kangaroo. According to the "Fuji Report," Mewtwo does not technically have a sex; however, interviews with captured Team Rocket members who survived the destruction of Rocket Headquarters indicate that it spoke in a deep and forceful masculine telepathic "voice."


Mewtwo's body is primarily white, though the tail and pelvis region is purple. It has two arms with three large fingers each, a protruding chest, and a roughly feline head structure, with two jutting ear-like protrusions on the top of its head. Strangely, it appears to have two necks, or at least an additional fleshy structure connecting the back of its head to directly behind its chest. This is believed to be an additional nervous connection, see below.

During the Genesect Invasion of New Tork City, Mewtwo displayed the ability to turn into a form that was alledgedly 4'11" (1.5 meters) tall and looked younger and more feminine. It had red eyes, purple digits and a long purple appendege from its head resembling its tail (which it lacked in this mode). It is possible, however, that this was a different Mewtwo entirely (see below for more).


Lore and History

Mewtwo was first sighted in the Kanto region on an island near Cinnibar, and later near Cerulean city, although the exact nature and origin of the creature was unknown until the publication of "The Fuji Report And Additional Files Pertaining To The Origin And Activities Of Mewtwo" several years later.

These files, mostly obtained from the Team Rocket headquarters after the first collapse of the organization, detail how the creature was originally made as a clone from a fossil of Mew, the believed genetic ancestor of all Pokemon. Reportedly, the scientists at a secret genetics laboratory (with connections to the well-known, now destroyed Cinnabar lab) were unable to make a direct clone of Mew; instead, through gene-splicing and genetic manipulation experiments they created a new life-form, imaginatively dubbed 'Mewtwo'. Soon after the creation of the creature, the entire lab was destroyed, killing all present. There survives the now famous quote from Dr. Fuji, the head scientist of the project (Not to be confused with Mr. Fuji, who was also a member of the Cinnabar Lab and the project): "We wanted to create the most powerful Pokemon in the world, and we succeeded."


(Some files imply that the genetic material from Mew was damaged or incomplete, so human DNA was used to create the complete genome for the clone. While this is unconfirmed and little more than rumor, many Pokemon researchers both amateur and professional agree that this would explain a lot. If true, other information points to donor most likely being the current Pokemon Gym Leader of the Cinnabar Island Pokemon Gymnasium, who is known to be a former Team Rocket scientist.)

It is also confirmed that for a short period, Mewtwo was under the control of Giovanni, at the time both the head of Team Rocket and leader of the Viridian City Gym. Schematics were found for a suit of armour-like devices that allegedly control and direct Mewtwo's abilities; these schematics match the descriptions given by the few unlucky Trainers who apparently battled Mewtwo during this period (receiving a thorough and one-sided defeat) but the armor has not been seen since. According to an interview of several Team Rocket members in custody, Mewtwo destroyed both the armor and Team Rocket headquarters after and fled to parts unknown.

Much later, Mewtwo made another reappearance when a group of Genesect (another man-made Pokémon) attacked New Tork City, Unova. There, it displayed a remarkable ability that appeared similar to a forme change. This ability was never hinted at in previous sightings. Mewtwo helped to defend the city from the rampaging Genesect, then ultimately fought their leader, a red Genesect that flew at high speeds. Eventually, it made peace with the Genesect (who stopped the invasion), and then once more disappeared to parts unknown. Recent information has come to light suggesting this Mewtwo was not the one created by Dr. Fuji. While this would explain the presence of the "forme" not seen prior to this incident, not much concerning it has been confirmed.

Known Sightings

The confirmed information on Mewtwo ends at the above point, with the rest being rumour and hearsay. Some sightings were allegedly made at Cerulean Cave, an isolated watery cave near Cerulean City home to many powerful Pokemon. However, recent rumors say that Mewtwo has migrated to somewhere in the Kalos region. Other persistent rumors connect Mewtwo to strange weather patterns detected near the location of the laboratory where it was born several months afterward. Over a year later, Mewtwo was rumored to have been at a legendary spring in Johto, and responsible for its sudden, unexplained disappearance. (Some even claim it was involved in the sudden appearance of a large assembly of wounded Team Rocket members who suddenly appeared at Goldenrod Airport, who had no recollection of the past few days.) These and the obscure nature of other sightings suggest that Mewtwo has the ability to alter and erase the memories of humans, which is not unlikely given the nature of its other abilities.

The most persistent current sightings of the creature come from several large cities in the south-east Asian region, which claim a tall, caped, humanoid creature stalks the rooftops of tall buildings at night, and also allegedly intervenes to prevent violent crimes, effortlessly defeating, disarming and neutralizing both the most powerful Pokemon and heavily armed humans. Despite popular media and an increasingly popular comic book being made around this premise, investigations into the true nature of this phenomenon have been fruitless so far. Another issue is that the reports mention two different creatures, one masculine, the other feminine. This lends further credibility to the theory of the NTC Mewtwo being seperate from the original Mewtwo.


Some sightings of Mewtwo allege that it has no mouth, but this is untrue, as it merely keeps it closed most of the time. The files pertaining to its biology suggest that it does have a functioning digestive system, but its body requires very little nourishment. As for what Mewtwo eats, that information is unknown; with its frightening power, it would certainly be capable of hunting for whatever it wished to eat.


Mewtwo was created by geneticists to be the ultimate battling machine, and from what little information gathered so far of the abilities Mewtwo has, it seems that the scientists achieved this goal to an extent beyond what they expected. Mewtwo has been known to display incredibly powerful and precise telekinesis, great telepathic abilities (including the above mentioned memory wiping power) and attacks consistent with a very powerful Psychic type- its abilities have been noted as similar to a highly trained Alakazam, but far more powerful. With any other Pokemon this would be considered exaggeration but here it is a good description of Mewtwo's capabilities.

The files on Mewtwo's biology are consistent with the above description, showing an incredibly highly developed central nervous system that extends throughout its entire body- the 'second neck' is in fact an additional nerve connection that augments the spinal cord. This may explain why Mewtwo has been said to make gestures along with its telekinetic abilities, something usually associated with amateur psychics both human and Pokemon.

Unconfirmed rumors also have Mewtwo using an attack similar to Aura Sphere, a rare ability previously only associated with Lucario and well-trained Togekiss. This is certainly within the range of its possible abilities. It is also possible that this attack may be Shadow Ball, a technique more commonly associated with Pokemon such as the Gastly and Duskull lines. This is used in conjunction with free flight, an ability Mewtwo uses well and often, presumably through telekinesis. Fairly recently, Mewtwo has been said to possess an attack no other known Pokémon knows. Reports from the few survivours who encountered Mewtwo, as well as eyewitnesses from New Tork City, indicate it is a stronger variant of the move Psyshock. Researchers have dubbed this move "Psystrike".

Mewtwo also appears to possess the ability to transform into a smaller, but physically different, version of itself, making it resemble Mew a lot more. Eyewitnesses of the New Tork City Genesect invasion cite thiis small Mewtwo as being incredibly fast, fast enough to outspeed the "lightning fast" Red Genesect. This may, however, be a seperate Mewtwo from Fuji's (see "Other"). In addition, two types of Mega Stone have been discovered that appear to function with Mewtwo (and as such have been unanimously dubbed "Mewtwonite X/Y"). It has been theorised that Mewtwonite X greatly increases Mewtwo's physical strength, while Mewtwonite Y will greatly bolster Mewtwo's mental powers. Some have even theorised that they would make Mewtwo even stronger than the legendary Arceus, who was said to have created the universe.


As the above makes obvious, Mewtwo is potentially extremely dangerous and capable of mass destruction with little effort, and directly opposing it would be suicide. With the destruction of both the lab where it was born and the original Team Rocket headquarters, it already has a confirmed human body count in the hundreds. Its psychic abilities could allow Mewtwo to attack without being known, and erase the memories of all witnesses- it could do virtually anything to anyone, and nobody would ever know of its involvement.

But contrasting with its earlier violent nature, and perhaps very fortunately for humanity in general, the more recent sightings of Mewtwo have reported no deaths, and not even any disappearances, major injuries or long-term mental damage. According to all involved, Mewtwo now prefers to incapacitate foes with non-lethal force (far from difficult due to its both immense and precise power) or even just teleport them far away. Since the Team Rocket HQ incident, the only known death connected to Mewtwo was the conviction and execution of the leader of an organized crime syndicate (not Giovanni) who was arrested by police after the participants of a gang war suddenly found themselves without weapons and with all Pokemon unconscious or cowering in fear.

Nonetheless, it is not advised that anyone, no matter how powerful, attempt to confront, harm or capture Mewtwo, if they can even find it. Considering Mewtwo has been known to display full sentience, intelligence equal to or above that of a human, and the ability to communicate fluently through telepathy, it is likely that if you do not take this message to heart, Mewtwo itself will drive it home for you. (Heck, Mewtwo could be reading this article right now.)


Mewtwo was believed to be the only one of its kind, with no files or rumors supporting the appearance of more than one specimen. However, it has been discovered that an unknown group was working on a project similar to Fuji's Mewtwo project. This, along with reports of Mewtwo's previously-unseen transformation powers in the New Tork City incident, suggest that this is a different Mewtwo, although nothing has truly been confirmed concerning the existence of more than one Mewtwo. A recent strong indicator for the Two-Mewtwo theory however may be a single anonymous eye witness of the event who has stated that the Mewtwo it saw has apparently used a female-sounding telepathic "voice", which is in stark contrast to the male "voice" described in the reports about Fuji's Mewtwo.

Aside from that, its closest living relative is probably the only known living Mew, which is even more rarely spotted and shrouded in myth than its own clone. There have been instances of the two being spotted together, though they are by no means always in close proximity.

Written by Sabre Justice.


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