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Terran Federation: Contact by L4 of the WEST

  • Recommended by Blood Raven 117
  • Crossover with: Mass Effect
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Description:The Terran Federation is nearing the end of the long Second Bug War, thanks to the discovery of hidden ancient structures known as Mass Relays and with Klendathu has been annihilated by a Nova bomb, and peace is on the horizon, however, others have plans for conquest, and the use of the Mass Relays will not go without consequences, for both themselves and the Galaxy at large.
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  • Comments: Set before ME 1 and after Starship Troopers:Invasion, the story is a retell crossover fic with Terran Federation in place of System Alliance making first contact with the Turians. Its a fusion of different Starship Troopers incarnations, with a heavy dose of AU.A complete deconstruction of First Contact War with the Terrans becoming close ally of the Turians against the odds of the universe

An interesting fic to read, consider the meritocratic values in the Hierarchy is almost the same as in the Federation, The story has a lot of problems with grammar and spelling, but the idea was quite interesting.


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