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Proof that the remaining 10% is worth getting Squipped for.

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    General Fics 
Stories which primarily focus on the normal goings on of the cast.

The Mechanics of Compromise by eatreadandsleeprepeat (Link)

  • Recommended by: gayishimaru
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: "The Squip never left. Jeremy had accepted that. But he didn't think it was going to really come back."
  • Pairing(s): Jeremy Heere/Michael Mell


    Alternate Universe 
Stories taking place in a different setting than in canon.

meek shall inherit by yellow_caballero (Link)

  • Recommended by: Captain Mega Dong
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: "Jeremy Heere was quite possibly the most attractive man ever to grace the Earth, which was a pretty unfortunate quality to have for someone who was literally Satan. Michael wasn't stalking the hottest, douchiest new transfer student Jeremy Heere. He was just investigating Jeremy's possible connection to an overarching conspiracy that encompassed the entire city and made nerds into picture perfect people. He was just keeping an eye on Jeremy's psychopathic best buddy Rich Goranksi, who always seemed to be talking in code - and asking for help. And he was just teaming up with the school resident theater geek in a covert operation to uncover the mystery of if any of the popular kids had a soul at all. Maybe he was just trying to figure out why Jeremy Heere looked so sad all the time. And maybe the answer would be far more complicated than he could have ever imagined."
  • Pairing(s): Jeremy Heere/Michael Mell, Brooke Lohst/Chloe Valentine, Jake Dillinger/Rich Goranski

    Shipping Fics 
Stories whose primary focus is on romantic or sexual relationships between the cast.

Bonded by Fantasy Scribe (Link)

  • Recommended by: sweettreeboy
  • Status: Work in Progress
  • Synopsis: “Michael Mell has always hated being born an Alpha. In a world where being an Alpha is everything, he hates the pressure to be a leader, to be a macho tough guy, to find an ‘appropriate’ Alpha or Beta to bond with. He hates everything about it. Michael especially hates his sensitive Alpha nose that catches the scent that comes off of his best friend Jeremy. He hates that smell that fills him with desire and excitement. Did he mention that Jeremy is an ‘inappropriate’ Omega, according to his parents at least?”
  • Pairing(s): Jeremy Heere/Michael Mell, Brooke Lohst/Chloe Valentine, Jake Dillinger/Rich Goranski, Christine Canigula/OC, Jenna Rolan/OC, Jeremy Heere/Michael Mell (one-sided temporarily), Christine Canigula/Jeremy Heere (one-sided)


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