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  • The epic high notes Rich hits in "The Squip Song".
  • The SQUIP's first appearance is a very dark one, in that it seems to have done nothing, but then Jeremy starts suffering. Then the angelic chorus kicks in, and you hear the first line. A perfect introduction to the monster that is the SQUIP.
    SQUIP: "Welcome to your Super Quantum Intel Processor... your SQUIP."
  • Jeremy and the SQUIP winning the epic danceoff against Jake during "Halloween". For that matter, Rich's dance moves in "Halloween" qualify too.
  • Four words:
  • "The Pants Song" is one for both Mr. Heere and Michael. Mr. Heere finally wakes up to the danger his son is in and does everything he can to step up and finally act like a father; he imparts the same necessity to Michael, who has briefly given on Jeremy. It takes a little convincing, but Michael agrees that their love for Jeremy outweighs the pain they're both in. Then they dance around in their underwear.
  • The SQUIP revealing his plan to take over the world in "The Pitiful Children" is a villainous one. His endless charisma and effortlessly conquering the student body makes him a force to be reckoned with compared to the rest of the cast.
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  • In the 2018-2019 productions, Jenna's eerie opera cadenzas during "The Pitiful Children".
  • Christine refusing to take a SQUIP when Jeremy offers her one. For all her struggles over the course of the show with fitting in and figuring out who she is, and later, her guilt and pain over the suffering of her classmates, when Jeremy offers her a solution to all this uncertainty and suffering, she immediately guesses that he's trying to get her to take a SQUIP, and is livid. Her subsequent calling out of Jeremy is well-earned, cathartic, and efficiently convinces him not to go through with the Squip's plans.
    Christine: You know, maybe I have some stuff to figure out, but I don't need a SQUIP to do it for me!
  • Jeremy and Michael using their video game skills to avoid and fight the brainwashed students in "The Play".
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  • Quite a dark one, but Jeremy fighting back against the SQUIP's multiple attempts to take over his body during "The Play" are incredibly brave considering he's a geeky teenager fighting a super-powerful machine.
  • Jeremy refusing everything the SQUIP offers him by the end. Popularity? Doesn't matter. A chance to rule the world? No thanks. The girl he's loved from day one as a slave forced to love him? Not interested. Character Development, thy name is Jeremy Heere.
    • This is brought Up to Eleven in later productions, where this is more explicitly a Heroic Sacrifice, as he didn't know until after the fact that the Squips being linked, and that freeing Christine would likely incur his SQUIP's wrath. Jeremy's willing to give it all up to protect Christine. In the Broadway version, an instrumental Triumphant Reprise of "Loser, Geek, Whatever" plays when he saves her, finally standing up to the SQUIP's degradations as he does so.
    Jeremy: That's not Christine...and I'm stronger than you think I am!
  • During "Voices in My Head", a Not Quite Dead SQUIP appears on the scene to taunt Jeremy, in a last-ditch attempt to circumvent the happy ending. Having learned from his struggles, Jeremy handles it with ease.
    Jeremy: But of the voices in my head the loudest one is mine!
    The Squip: Jeremy...
    Jeremy: The loudest one is mine!
    The Squip: You can't get rid of me that easily.
    The Squip: (fazing out) Jeeereeemmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyy...
  • A meta example, but Mr. Reyes' line about his SQUIP telling him he can go "all the way to Broadway" in "The Play" turned out to be quite prophetic. After its brief 2015 original regional run, the show's online cult following starting in around 2017 was able to generate enough interest to eventually lead to a revival, an Off-Broadway run, and now a 2019 Broadway opening. When the transfer was announced, the 2018 production was still running; Reyes' line brought the house down. Truly an underdog story within an underdog story.

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