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  • Acting for Two:
    • Mr. Heere, Mr. Reyes, and the SQUIP-selling stockboy are all played by the same actor.
    • The show has no ensemble, so every cast member except Jeremy and the Squip also doubles as an ensemble member. This is taken to extremes in “The Smartphone Hour”, when everyone, including the men, plays a stereotypical teenage girl.
  • Approval of God:
    • Multiple cast members, most notably Gerard Canonico (Rich in the original cast), are aware of the show's fans and approve of their art.
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    • Joe Tracz has said he approves of all gender/sexuality headcanons for the characters.
  • Ascended Fanon:
    • Michael is widely headcanoned to have a pride patch on his hoodie, to the point where almost every new production of the show has included it, even the 2018 off-Broadway one.
    • In an unusual case, Rich in the book has a red streak in his hair, but Rich in the original production of the musical does not. After musical fans learned about the streak it became a very popular headcanon, and in response to this the 2018 production gave him one. So, the trait went from canon to fanon and back again.
    • The off-Broadway version of the show adds a line about Michael having two moms, a headcanon that became popular in response to the high number of fan works that portrayed Michael’s never-mentioned family as distant, homophobic, or abusive.
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  • Fan Nickname: Content that includes both Eric William Morris's SQUIP and Jason Tam's SQUIP (usually Shipping the two) typically distinguishes them with nicknames based off where their respective shows played: usually the former is "River" after the Two Rivers Theater, and the latter "Lyceum ("Ly" for short) after the Lyceum Theater.
  • Milestone Celebration: The 100th Broadway performance invited 100 fans to take a group photo with the cast and crew.
  • Role Reprise: Of the original 10 primary cast members of the Two Rivers production premiere, half of the castmates reprised their roles for the off-Broadway production [George Salazar (Michael), Stephanie Hsu (Christine), Gerald Canonico (Rich), Katlyn Carlson (Chloe), Lauren Marcus (Brooke)]. The entire cast of the off-Broadway made the jump to the Broadway venue.
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  • Word of Gay: Joe Tracz, in response to a fan question, confirmed that the removal of Michael’s girlfriend, Nicole, and other references to him liking girls in the musical was intentional.

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