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Izuku Midoriya disappeared into the stars one night before returning some ten years later to be a hero the world needs.
He dreamed of the stars and now he will reveal the stars to the world and break some worldviews in the process.

A crossover between My Hero Academia and Sufficiently Advanced 2nd Edition where Izuku returned to his home world after stowing away onto a spaceship when he was five, tasked to reform society before first contact with the civilizations of the universe.


A fanfic by Yama951. It can be found in Ao3, SpaceBattles, and SufficientVelocity.

The same author has also written A Single Plan, a two part My Hero Academia fanfic series.

This fanfic contains examples of:

  • Adaptational Badass: The Meta Liberation Front in canon appears to be limited in Japan, in the fanfic it's part of a Space Cold War.
  • Adaptational Nice Guy: Bakugou, due to Izuku missing since they were five, didn't develop the toxic relationship with Izuku.
  • Space Cold War: The world is roughly split between a quirk supremacist bloc and a more liberal bloc.
  • Transhuman: One of the major aspects of the crossover. Izuku is a low level one.
  • Transhuman Aliens: There are no actual aliens. They're all creations and/or descendants of humanity.

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