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One Who Walks the Path of Night is a Digimon Crossover Quest game being run on the website by a poster called Talos.

The game puts the players into the shoes of a fairly typical Myotismon bent on (wouldn't you know it?) world domination. However, his army is destroyed in a sudden attack by the Royal Knights and he is forced to flee to the Human World with only his trusted second in command, a Phantomon. Both of them are hurt badly enough to revert to their champions forms of Devimon and Soulmon.


Devimon vows to avenge his defeat and to return to the Digital World much more powerful, but of course things go From Bad to Worse when it turns out that for some reason they didn't end up in the usual version of the Real World. Instead, the poor fools ended up in Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Badly injured and with only one servant left, Devimon has to muster his strength and gather his forces to strike back at the Royal Knights before they can track him down and finish the job!


This Quest provides examples of:

  • Noble Demon: Very much so for Devimon. Like all his kind, he's pretty cold and cruel to those who stand against him but he also cares for his own minions to the point were when one of them made a Heroic Sacrifice he flew into a berserker rage. Later, his apprentice Jade may be showing signs of this too.
  • Fallen Angel: Both in the standard Devimon manner and the fact that he actually did use to be a Magna Angemon before events conspired to cause him to turn to the Dark Side.
  • The Dragon: Jade plays this to Devimon.
  • The Corruption: Subverted, while Devimon does give his powers to Jade an (at the time) human girl and fears they will corrupt her, they don't seem to have done so yet.
  • Fallen Hero: In several instances. Firstly, there's Devimon himself. He was once a good guy but seeing his home destroyed drove him to the Dark Side. There's also Waru Seadramon who used to be a Puella Magi before becoming a Witch and then somehow absorbing enough data from a wounded Devimon to become an Eldritch Abomination psudo Digimon
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  • Five-Man Band: The player seem to be trying to assemble one of these. Devimon is the leader, Jade and Phantomon compete for the position of The Lancer. Urocyomon may have the potential to become The Smart Guy while Chaos Gallantmon fills The Big Guy slot and ironically not The Lancer They don't seem to have aquired The Chick yet, unless you count Madoka.

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