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Fan Fic / Mercutio and Allegra

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''"Benvolio: This is not just a girl you love! 'Tis a Capulet girl! The younger sister of Theobald and Ricardo, who hate you enough as it is! If they realize you have been teasing their innocent younger sister, they will break you in half!
Mercutio: Tease? Really, Benvolio, have I ever teased about love?
Benvolio: (stares)
Mercutio: (clears his throat) Ay. Well, I do not tease now! What, you do not believe me?"
- From Chapter Six, "Bruna and Valentine"

A Fan Fic and midquel to Romeo and Juliet written by member Cornadopia, Mercutio and Allegra was first published in March 2009 and currently has 106 reviews. It can be found here.

This fanfic provides examples of:

  • Badass Bookworm: Look at this profile. Just LOOK AT IT!
  • Beta Couple: Romeo and Juliet.
  • Having a Gay Old Time: This author has a thing, in this story and in her others, about making fun of Romeo. When Mercutio is raving about Allegra:
    Mercutio: I act like thee!
    Romeo: Thou act'st most gay!
    Mercutio: Ay, quite like thee!
    • I LOVE A MAN! That is all.
  • Ill Girl: At many times, Allegra is mentioned to have been a sickly child, much to the disgust and annoyance of her father.
  • Name and Name: As a homage to the original.
  • Jerk Ass: It's full of 'em: Every Capulet save for Allegra, Juliet and Ricardo has their moments, especially Tybalt.
  • Shout-Out: Several Shakespeare shout-outs here, when Mercutio tries to guess Allegra's name:
    Allegra: My name is not Ophelia..
    Mercutio: I did not think 'twas. You look to me like a Titania..
    Allegra: Ay me! I am no fairy. It begins with an 'a'.
  • "Shut Up" Kiss: After their first arguement, Mercutio makes a long apology and begins to rant about how beautiful Allegra is, and is soon stumbling over his words. Allegra shuts him up with a kiss.