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Lost in Atmos is a Storm Hawks Fanfiction written by three mildly retarded Australian High School Students. The story begins with Fi stumbling across an enchanted Storm Hawks streaming site, and accidentally flinging herself and her two friends Mel and Rach into the world of Atmos....a couple of kilometres above ground.Luckily the Condor was passing by, and they end up faceplanting onto the roof.After they figure out what the hell just happened, the invading Australians then proceed to pretty much piss off every single citizen of Atmos.It can be found here:


Character List (Not including Canon Characters)

  • Fi: Pretty much a female Vince Noir. The whole thing is her fault.
  • Mel: A rabid Deidara fangirl with a tea addiction. Has a tendency for violence, and HATES romance with a passion.
    • ”Violence isn’t always the answer....but it’s always a safe choice”
    • ”Remember kids, you can’t spell ‘Slaughter’ without ‘Laughter’!”
  • Rach: Researches the different breeds of fangirl and works in Coles. Had a fling with a character named Drake for whatever reason.
  • Jess: The most normal of the Australians BY FAR. Sensible, and to be honest is almost an aristocratic English person.
    • Jess: “I’m not English! I was one of two babies born that day in a country town! I’m as Australian as you can get!”
    • Mel: “You don’t like Vegemite. You’re not an Aussie!”
    • Fi: “You even say ‘not’ with a British accent!”
    • Jess: “You two are awful!”
  • Drake: A Cyclonian written in by Rach as a love interest. He is later killed off by Fi and Mel, (still without Rach’s knowledge at the time of writing this) for being an annoying Gary-Stu. The chapter is aptly called “It HAD to happen”
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  • Ash: Fi’s Stalker.

This fanfic contains examples of the following:

Story is ongoing.Fi and Mel also started providing their own commentary on episodes of Storm Hawks. Their You Tube channel can be found here: [1] Enter at your own risk...


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