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Fanfic / All the World's a Stage

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All the World's a Stage is a Who Framed Roger Rabbit fanfiction by Hippo-Scuba.

The fic was written after Bob Hoskins' death and depicts various moments between Eddie Valiant and Roger Rabbit.

This fic contains examples of:

  • Birthday Episode: The first scene takes place on Eddie's birthday.

  • Christmas Episode: The third scene takes place on Christmas Eve and has Eddie and Roger planning on seeing a parade.

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  • Death Fic: The last scene.

  • Death Is a Sad Thing: The second chapter reveals Roger has trouble understanding Eddie's death.

  • Fantastic Racism: It's mentioned that Toons aren't usually allowed in hospitals. Dolores has to convince them to allow Roger and Jessica to visit Eddie, and even then only one is allowed in at a time.

  • Mind Screw:invoked It's mentioned in the second chapter that Roger finds the concept of an afterlife to be one.

  • Talking to the Dead: Part of the second chapter has Roger doing this at Eddie's grave.

  • Time Skip: One between each scene in the fic:
    • Five years between the first and second.
    • Thirteen years between the second and third.
    • Six years between the third and fourth.
    • Two weeks between the fourth scene and Eddie's funeral.
    • Two months between the end of the first chapter and the second.

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