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Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

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     Season 1 
  • "Oooh! Alright. Put me out of my misery. You don't have the gu-" Jesse
  • "You forget, metal can't hurt me." Luke
  • "Are you insane?!" Principal Flutie
  • "I got it. Thanks." Sid
  • "Angel... ?" Darla, the second time
  • "Where are your jibes now? Will you laugh when my Hell is on Earth?" The Master

     Season 2 
  • "NO!" The Anointed One
  • "So? What about my reward?" Billy Fordham. He got it, all right...
  • "What's that do?" The Judge, while facing a rocket launcher
  • "Wait. That's your..." Jenny Calendar
  • "Buffy..." Angel, before being sent to hell.

     Season 3 
  • "Looks like you need a bigger stake, Slayer!" Kakistos
  • "Aw, fu-" Vamp Willow
  • "Oh, this is no good. This is no good at all." Mr. Trick
  • "This is not orderly...this is not're on my campus, Buddy, and when I say I want quiet I mean..." Principal Snyder right before the Mayor eats him
  • "Well, gosh!" The Mayor right before he gets blown up

     Season 4 
  • "You're an animal. Animals kill." Veruca
  • "How... can you—" Adam

     Season 5 
  • "This should be interesting-AAAAAhhhhh...." Doc, as Buffy shoves him off Glory's tower without breaking her stride.
  • "Stop it." Glorificus
  • "" Ben. For context, Ben said first "She could have killed me" then Giles said "No, she couldn't. Never. And, sooner or later, Glory will reemerge and make Buffy pay for that mercy. And the world with her. Buffy even knows that, and still she couldn't take a human life. She's a hero, you see. She's not like us." prompting him to respond "us?." Then Giles smothered him with one hand
  • "The hardest thing in this world is to live in it. Be brave. Live. For me." Buffy, the second time

     Season 6 
  • "Your shirt..." Tara
  • "Oh, and when you get caught, you'll lose them too. Your friends. You don't want that. I know you're in pain, but—-" Warren Mears, trying to beg for his life. He fails.

     Season 7 
  • "Anya...?" Halfrek
  • "Well, I still care about them. That's why I'm here." Jonathan Levinson
  • "My friends, these are the times that define us. Proverbs 24:6. O, by wise council, you shall make your war." Quentin Travers
  • "You think you have power over me? Stupid girl. You'll never stop me. You don't have th—" Caleb, before becoming Half the Man He Used to Be
  • "Andrew!" Anya
  • "(chuckles) I wanna see how it ends..." Spike. He gets better.

  • "Oops!" Lothos in the Big Damn Movie
  • "I'm so scared [sic]" Renee (technically last thought)

  • Angel
    • "Too bad we'll never know... if this is a face you could learn to love." Allen Francis Doyle
    • "Look at you. You're running and hiding, cold and hungry. You call that living? You're the one that's falling now. Let me catch you. Don't you want to stop falling? I'm gonna fix it. Oh, say goodbye to everything you ever knew." Alonna Gunn
    • "Angel? P-please we can negotiate. We..." Holland Manners
    • "This child, Angel, it's the one good thing we ever did together. You make sure to tell him that." Darla
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    • "Steven..." Daniel Holtz
    • "Fred! Winifred! Please! Help me!" Professor Seidel
    • "He's gonna kill us!" Lilah Morgan
    • "This is all you are? I had heard the Slayer possessed great strength, but there's no real power here. My master's power is beyond all limits, beyond your petty imagining. You are weak. You're nothing. You could not even defeat me." The Beast
    • "Well, that ain't right." Skip
    • "Connor, I still have you. Angel's ruined everything. But he can't defeat both of us. You still believe in me, don't you? You still love me?" Jasmine
    • "I am not a hero, but I am not a fool." Numero Cinco
    • "Oh... and you're welcome." Cordelia Chase
    • "I'm not scared. I'm not scared. I'm not scared. Please, Wesley, why can't I stay?" Winifred "Fred" Burkle
    • "Is that an issue? Is my life in peril, boss? King?" Knox
    • "You kill me? A flunky?! I'm not just... Angel... kills me. You don't... Angel..." Lindsey McDonald
    • "I... I love you." Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, to Illyria who was posing as Fred.
    • "You don't really think you're gonna win this, do you? You don't stand a chance. We are legion. We are forever." Marcus Hamilton, followed by Angel's line in between the final blows: "Then I guess forever... just got a hell of a lot... shorter!"
    • "This death is hardly glorious enough." The Groosalugg. While he was on a winged horse. Fighting Illyria in her true form. He got better.
    • "Let's go to work." Angel. He got better.
    • "How very touching his meaningless death was — but this fight was never for mortals. Ooh... take your best shot, little girl." Cyvus Vail, mistaking Illyria for Fred


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