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Drinking Game / Top Gear (UK)

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A drinking game for Top Gear. Take a shot everytime:

  • This exchange happens:
    Clarkson: How hard can it be?
    Hammond: Don't say that'!
  • Or this:
    Clarkson: HAMMOOOOOOOND!!
    • Or:
  • James says 'Oh, cock.'
  • Drink every time someone says "Still, could be worse"
    • Take two if it cuts to one of the presenters having broken down.
  • Jeremy and James mock Richard for his brightly whitened teeth.
  • The Stig does something strange in the background.
  • Jeremy protests that a hammer is the most useful tool ever.
  • James gets lost.
    • Take two if Jeremy and Richard mention it.
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  • James is late.
  • James is called 'Captain Slow'.
  • They go abroad and Richard opts not to eat the local cuisine.
  • It's the Vietnam Special and either one of the bikes breaks down or something goes wrong with a gift.
  • One or two of the presenters gang up on the other and damage his car in some way.
    • Take two if it's Clarkson and Hammond doing it to May.
      • Take three if they do it to break his air conditioning.
  • Something catches fire.
  • Something breaks.
  • America and/or its citizens get mocked.
    • Take two if it's Clarkson doing the mocking.
      • Pour whatever liquor you have into a rocks glass and down it (or simply crack open a can of cheap beer and down it, to maintain stereotyping) if you're an American viewer.
  • Any country other than Britain or America gets mocked.
  • James and Richard praise the Porsche 911 and Jeremy gets hissy with them.

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