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Drinking Game / Pokéumans

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There are so many stories and spin-offs in the Pokeumans group that some common trends and tropes have emerged and become noticeable. What better way to celebrate than with drinking games, right? IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER 

Tropes common across Pokeumans stories:

  • Drink for every Lucario or Zoroark protagonist.
    • Double drinks for a Lucaroark.
    • If the protagonist is one of the above species, drink again for every further Lucario/Zoroark that appears in the story.
    • For the older sections of the group gallery, drink also for Quilava and Combusken protagonists.
  • Drink for every set of bullies.
  • Drink for every Spirit Advisor.
  • Drink for every use of the 'standard' Pokeumans opening Footnote 
    • Drink in suprise if the PRT guy from an opening chapter actually appears again later on.
  • Drink if the protagonist decides to join the PRT.
  • Drink if they never actually go to a base at all (there are stories that do this, although not many. And no, this and the above rule about openings does not mean you just drink at the start of every story - there are some openings that end in bases that don't follow the Clone Fic opening template).
  • Drink for every tournament.
  • Drink for every superpower or piece of Non-Standard Character Design. Drink again if you find one that is actually explained and justified in-universe.
  • Drink whenever people go to the gym to advance the plot.
  • Drink whenever people go to lessons on the very first day and then never again.
  • Drink whenever the base appears to consist solely of the protagonist and people the protagonist directly knows the names of, with no corridor traffic or mention of other people in lessons.
  • Drink whenever someone skips the week-long transformation required in the group rules.
  • Drink for every version of the Pokeumans history.
  • Drink for Chansey/Blissey/Audino nurses.
    • Drink for Miltank lunch ladies.
  • Drink whenever the protagonist arrives in the base and immediately can beat even the best fighters off the bat.
  • Drink whenever the physically draining or debilitating effects of using powerful attacks is forgotten about. Optional extra drinks if they forget about the need to recharge after moves like Hyper Beam.
  • Drink for every teenage hero that, in the rescue sequences, has the battle-ready psyche of a war vet.
  • Drink if the protagonist is conveniently transforming at the same time as their close friend or family member.
    • Take a deep chug if they are conveniently transforming at the same time as their close friend and a family member. No convenience is that convenient.
  • Drink if the protagonist says they always wanted to be a Pokemon. Trust us, it is nowhere near as fun as it sounds.