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Heartwarming / Pokéumans

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Original Series:

  • When Brandon arrives at Long Island, Cameron Taylor the Hippopotas is the Chew Toy of the MSN Gang. Brandon stands up for him, and they develop a strong friendship from there.
    • And then Cameron then slowly but caringly and heartwarmingly brings Sakato out of his shell and shows him there's more to life than training and avenging his friend Connor.
  • While watching Brandon training in Chapter 3 Starr suddenly runs off crying, and when Brandon chases her down she explains that watching him reminded her of her missing brother Ryan, who didn't escape capture by Pokextinction. Brandon then tells her frankly that he misses his family a lot too, but now they're all family together and can rely on each other instead. And then they hug it out.
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  • Before their battle in Chapter 7, Brandon and William chat about William's motivation for joining the Elite Four. The reason? In memory of his deceased friend, who was originally a bully who picked on him constantly but then became his closest friend after William managed to beat him in battle.
    William: It's nothing to cry about. I will battle strong for him.
  • Everyone - literally all his friends - being there to check up on Brandon constantly after his battle with Rikuto put him into a coma that he wouldn't have survived if he wasn't an Energy Chaneller. And bear in mind that his friends didn't know he was an Energy Chaneller.
  • The MSN Gang's Cerebus Retcon in Chapter 8. Genuine, heartfelt character development about how much it genuinely hurts Nat to be the bully no-one likes and constantly get battered by Asula, and then how the three of the MSN are, to each other, a band of brothers against the world. Even Brandon is touched in-story, and these are the people who beat him to pulp barely five chapters earlier.
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  • Amy's uplifting auditorium speech in the same chapter, urging people to do their best no matter what seems to happen.
  • And another one with Amy, on a similar theme (possibly even an Ironic Echo): In Chapter 16, she and Brandon sit on top of the hotel they're staying in and Amy openly and emotionally tells him how good life must be in the Poke Dimension compared to Long Island and how she wouldn't go back if she had the choice. They come to the conclusion that they don't really have a choice about it due to circumstances, but they use it as a motivation to fight Mr. X, instead of a begrudgement.