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Original Series:

  • Most of the Elite Four battles in Chapter 7 have their own Moment of Awesome, particularly Dustin's first appearance and Brandon broke-back riding a Charizard trying to buck him off across a room full of burning lava.
  • Starr has a personal moment at the end of Chapter 9 - it seems she lost her "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight with her brainwashed brother Ryan and that he captured her and took control of her mind as well, when she suddenly winks her grey eyes at Brandon, backflips and kicks Ryan in the face, smashing the forcefield-generating remote he was carrying so all the others could get to him and restrain him.
    Ryan: I…thought…you…couldn't…hurt…your…brother…
    Starr: You. Aren't. My. Brother.
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  • Mindy perhaps deserves a Big Damn Villains for her appearance at the end of Chapter 10 - an explosion blasts open the doors to the base, her two flunkies march in ahead of her and then she appears, walking dramatically through the smoke without giving a damn even once.
    "I'm back for my diary."
  • During the Dimensional Gems Hunt arc, Reggie scales the Statue of Liberty in a matter of seconds while carrying Brandon over his head. And then he gets down by skydiving straight off the top of the torch into the Hudson.
  • Mike finally perfects a transformation for the very first time in the series in Chapter 14 - into Groudon, when he couldn't even get Munchlax right all the way through. He then celebrates by tearing up Evil Cameron - almost literally.
  • The Offscreen Moment of Awesome in Chapter 17, as Starr's team defeat Palkia and Reshiram entirely off-camera.
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  • AB successfully forms a giant Aura Sphere in one of the battles in the same chapter, and uses it to blast Dialga, the Lord of Time, in the face.
  • Asula's Big Damn Heroes moment in Chapter 17 Part 2. She defeated everyone who stood between her and Mr. X's base (all offscreen), holds her own against Mr. X himself and then pulls off an escape with Brandon and what's left of all his friends. The fact that she grows to a huge size and turns red in the battle only make it cooler.
  • And then what's the first thing Brandon does when he meets Mew, the creator and leader of the Pokeumans organisation? He slaps him across the face and gives him a What the Hell, Hero? speech about abandoning them to fight off Mr. X without using his incredible power to help them instead.

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