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Drinking Game / Married... with Children

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If you had a life/job/family like Al Bundy's, you'd want to drink to forget it too.


Choose a drink amount that corresponds to how your life is compared to Al's.
  • If your life is better than Al's, use sips.
  • If your life is about the same as Al's, use shots.
  • If your life is somehow worse than Al's, use drinks.


Drink the chosen amount of alcohol every time one of the following happens:
  • Al puts his hand down his pants.
    • Take three of he can't perform this action for some reason.
    • Double drink if someone besides Al puts their hand down their pants in the same fashion.
  • Al talks about how a fat woman came into the shoe store.
  • Al reminisces about his glory days in High School.
    • Double drink if he mentions his four touchdowns in one game.
  • Al mocks a female customer in the shoe store.
  • Al calls Marcy a chicken.
  • Peg says "Bon-bon."
  • Peg comes up with some excuse for not doing housework.
    • In later seasons, double drink when she actually does do housework.
  • Bud interacts with one of his blow-up dolls.
  • Bud is rejected physically by a girl he attempts to hit on.
  • Bud gives an Aside Glance to the camera.
  • Kelly uses a Malaproper.
  • Kelly says something smart.
  • Marcy insults Al.
  • Steve or Jefferson laugh at Al's cracks at Marcy (as long as she's not watching).
  • Any member(s) of the Bundy Family get(s) in a fight.
  • Al suffers an Amusing Injury.
    • Take a second sip/shot/drink if someone else is injured alongside him or is injured all alone.
  • An issue of Playboy, or in later seasons, "Big'uns," is seen.
  • Al's "NO MA'AM" group makes an appearance.
  • Buck (or, in later seasons, Lucky) says something to mock the family, or acts embarrassed when one of them does something stupid.
  • FINISH Your drink if anyone in the Bundy family does something genuinely nice and unselfish.
    • Make it a double if it’s done for someone in the family.

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