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Drinking Game / Hamlet

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The four-hour Hamlet drinking game (say goodbye to your liver):

  • Chug a beer for a soliloquy.
  • Drink whenever a vagina joke is made.
  • Drink whenever a famous actor is clearly shoehorned into the movie.
  • Drink whenever a flashback or scene clearly not in the original text happens.
  • Do a shot every time BRIAN BLESSED appears onscreen. Take a sip of beer every time Kenneth Branagh is clearly trying to out-ham him.
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  • Drink whenever Gérard Depardieu says "My lord".
  • Drink whenever someone enters/exits through a secret door.
  • Do a shot for every major character who dies in the final scene.

For the play in general:

Take only a sip whenever

  • Someone tells a lie.
    • Two sips if it's Hamlet being lied to.
      • Toast if Hamlet easily sees through the lie.
Take a drink whenever Take a chug whenever

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