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Drinking Game / Ang Probinsyano (2015)

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Take a drink for every time...

  • The opening sequence, Nandiyan na si Cardo plays (For the purpose of the drinking game, no additional drinks are to be drank in relation to events happening in the opening sequence like taking a sip for every unnamed character deaths, vehicular explosion, etc.)
  • The camera zooms in to a character's face.
  • Gina's antics were foiled by Flora and company.
  • Every time music with vocals plays for a dramatic scene.
    • An additional drink if it's Wag Ka Nang Umiyak.
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    • Follow up with a drink if the show goes on a commercial break.
  • Flora express worry for Cardo
  • A sip for every unnamed character deaths
  • A named character seemingly dies
  • A vehicle explodes
  • Every time Cardo appears for the very first time in an episode wearing a disguise.
  • When Cardo reveals an alias for himself.
  • 3 drinks when Cardo becomes unconscious due to injuries
  • An arrest is performed
  • A news broadcast was aired

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