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Trivia / Ang Probinsyano (2015)

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  • Adored by the Network: The show could be considered as ABS-CBN's cash cow for the late mid-2010s with the network not shy to point out that the series has been running for more than 4 years and 1000 episodes.
  • Long Runner: As of September 2019, the show is a few months away from beating the record for the network's longest-running primetime show. Most Philippine teleseryes, when the boom started, lasted 3 years, while the network's more recent ones lasted either a year or several months on average.
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  • The Merch: In line with the show's immense popularity, various toys and games were made to tie in with the series. There's even a Mobile Phone Game loosely based on the show.
  • Name's the Same:
    • Pulang Araw, Red Sun... Does this remind you of anything?
    • And then there's this shitpost juxtaposing the driveby chase sequence where they used tuned Japanese sports sedans with Eurobeat.
  • In Memoriam: For Eddie Garcia, who recently died on June 20, 2019. which his clips as Don Emilio/Senor Gustavo shown. and said "Thanks, Ka Probinsyano."
  • Uncredited Role: Actor comedian Randy Santiago provided the vocals for the show's theme song, "Nandiyan na si Cardo". Despite of this, he is not credited for this role on the accompanying video which is broadcast on television. The people responsible for the opening sequence including Santiago were credited by Dreamscape in an Instagram post .

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