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Drinking Game / The Apprentice

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For the UK series:

  • Take a shot for every pun used by Mark Halliley during the 'Previously on...' segment.
  • Take a shot whenever an aerial shot of London is seen.
  • Take a drink every time candidates are running through the street.
  • Take a shot every time a candidate holds their phone in front of their face.
  • Take a shot when the candidates are told that they can go through to the boardroom now.
  • Take a shot whenever a candidate is interrupted by another in the boardroom.
    • Take two if someone insists on being able to finish.
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  • Take a drink every time the phrase "Take (that) on board" is used.
  • Take a drink every time the phrase "Put / Hold my hands up" is used.
  • Take a shot whenever Karren gives a look of despair.
  • Take a shot if someone says that they'll give 100%.
    • Take two shots if they say they'll give more than that (e.g. 110%, 150%).
  • Take a shot every time Lord Sugar leaves a long, dramatic pause between "It's for that reason..." and "...I'm struggling."
  • Take a shot every time a candidate's attempt to defend themselves is torpedoed.
  • Down your drink when Lord Sugar says "You're fired."
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