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Drinking Game / Ancient Aliens

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  • Take a drink any time the narrator starts a sentence with the words "Ancient astronaut theorists".
  • Take a drink every time Giorgio A. Tsoukalos appears.
    • You better have 911 or your local equivalent on speed dial for this one if you want to live.
  • Take a drink any time the narrator says "As (some) ancient astronaut theorists believe/suggest/theorize/contend".
  • Take a drink any time Tsoukalos uses the phrase "flesh and blood extraterrestrials".
  • Take a drink if the narrator asks a hypothetical question along the lines of "But could [subject of discussion] really be possible?"
    • Another if he follows it up with another question beginning in "And if so..."
      • Or "Ancient astronaut theorists say yes, and for further proof..."
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    • Down the hatch if you hear something like "Or is there another, more out-of-this-world explanation?"
  • Take a shot if the narrator says "Further evidence can be found..."
  • Take a drink for each time you hear something completely ridiculous without actually presenting hard evidence.
  • Take a drink when someone compares an ancient artifact or myth to modern technology.
  • Take a drink when David Childress says "And you have to wonder if..."
  • Take a sip when the narrator says "extraterrestrial" or "otherworldly".


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