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A podcast currently in the works.

Sarah Brackon loves mysteries. So when she and her parents move to an odd town called Arcanaville, she's eager to find out what's going on there. She becomes less fascinated and more scared when she finds that she is unable to call or text anyone outside of the town (although the internet still works fine. Maybe whoever put up the wall likes tumblr), and that there are mysterious messages written on her walls and windows that talk of outsiders bringing unrest.


Given her tendency to investigate a little too much (and admittedly be a little overdramatic), Sarah documents her findings in recordings that she shares with the world in a podcast, presenting it as fiction (badly) to avoid suspicion from any public servants of the town (instead of regular police, people with masks patrol the streets, enforcing a strict curfew and seemingly just Knowing when people are breaking rules).

Things get interesting when a native of Arcanaville, Jessica Lawton, gets suspicious of Sarah and wants in on whatever she's saying to the outside world. Jessica, being a native, took all the odd things for granted, and never knew different, considering nobody is allowed to leave the town. Her homebred knowledge of the town combined with Sarah's insatiable curiosity leads to them uncovering prophecies of revolution, turning over supernatural secrets previously swept under the rug, and wondering if they'll ever know normality again - or at all.


This podcast provides/will provide examples of:

  • Character Blog: Provided by the tumblr page, it's run by Sarah (partially as a way of getting some more indescribable information across via photos, partially to document Sarah's life before Arcanaville, and partially as a way of getting information across between episodes). Can be found here:
  • Cute Kitten: Lot's of these on the title character's blog (see Kindhearted Cat Lover)
  • Kindhearted Cat Lover: Sarah seems to be this, judging by her blog. Especially in its early stages, to find the important information related to the story, you have to scroll through several cat pictures (and the occasional funny thing).
  • Stylistic Suck: Downplayed and justified. Some aspects of the show are this (for example, the background music is usually from royalty-free sources which are credited in the description). The Real Life reason for this is because the creator wasn't financially independent and wasn't too keen on buying music. The In-Universe reason is due to Sarah also being financially dependent on her parents, and the fact that she isn't trying all that hard to make the show convincingly fictitious.
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