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This was a short story i had to make for english class, it was pretty good for my standards and i liked it.

    The Work 
Once upon a time there was a child called Richi, his best friend was Mark, they were just some ordinary 11 years old kids from somewhere in Canada. One day Mark told Richi about a mysterious cabin his cousin and some friends found in a forest, they decided to explore it.

So without the permission of their parents they went to the forest, with some equipment, like a flashlight and Mark’s trusty baseball bat. As they walk, they talked of some things, like why Mark called Richi in that way, pointing that his name wouldn’t be associated with that nickname. His answer was pretty simple, and because Richi’s knowledge of Mark, pretty predictable: He just liked it.

When they finally approached it, they saw it without its roof and a wall destroyed, Richi follow Mark while he was entering in the cabin; it was quite small. The kids left their stuffs in a corner and Richi ask:

“What is so special about this cabin?”

“Nothing” – Says Mark whit a smile.

A bit surprised and knowing there was another reason, Richi ask Mark:

“Then what is the reason of my presence here?”

Mark exclaims: “I have been amazed with this since my cousin told me about”.

Richi slurs a simple “Hmph”.

“It’s going to amaze you, Richi.”

Then Mark says “Aha!” and rips a wooden plank from a wall, revealing some kind of tunnel.

“Are you sure about this? I mean, I’m not being a coward here, but I’m thinking of our safety first. Like seriously, this is like the most cliché prologue of a scary movie: Two kids wandering; alone; in the Forest; without supervision.”

“Of course we don’t have supervision, but I would prefer another superpower instead of an enhanced vision” – Says Mark, mocking of Richi’s discomfort.

“You know what I mean, and how the heck you know the word enhanced?” – Richi reproaches Mark with a bitter tone.

“Can we enter now?” – A bored Mark exclaims.

Richi sights and proceed to enter in the tunnel.

The tunnel was going down into the ground, it wasn’t just carved, the walls and the roof where covered with metal, but the floor was in a wooden surface.The two kids walked a little until they found the end of the tunnel, leading to a hermetic door. Mark opens the door to found an empty room, like a surgeon room, but with nothing on it. Richi is feeling a little confused, until he watched Mark looking to the Left and Right constantly for about 5 times; Mark curses.

“There was supposed to be a cage with a beast, at least that’s what he told me” – A little worried, says Mark.

“Wait. What? A Beast? Some kind of bear?” – Richi questions Mark.

“No, my cousin said it was… A wolf!”

The room feels empty for a second until Richi tells him.

“You want to be in the same room with a wolf?! You know that wolves are really savage predators, right? Like super feral?” – Richi speaks.

Richi looks back at the door and starts moving towards, but Mark points him that there another door in the end of the room. He turns back and looks at him, Mark looks like he was trying to keep him in the room. He sights again and moves to the pointed door, action which Mark celebrates a little.

Richi tries to open the door, but it was locked. Mark disappointed tells him that it was enough and they move towards the exit door.But suddenly a roar is heard behind the locked door and the door is burst away and almost crushes Mark if Richi haven’t pull him towards him. The kids feels afraid, but no afraid for their life, they feel more curious that afraid.

Then a foot cowered in fur, a foot like the foot of a bear or a wolf, emerges from the door. And the whole body came out of the dark and roars; it was like a wolf, using his rear legs to stand up. With a feral roar, he moves slowly to the boys. Mark yells run and the 2 kids start running to the exit, Richi first, and Mark second, but before they could exit the tunnel, the monster grabs Mark’s leg, he starts to yell, Richi look backwards, but continues running. Mark looks at the monster and sees how it’s starts to crawl to him, but he kicks him in the head.

This little act makes the beast angrier and suddenly bites Mark’s leg. He screams and the beast reaches to his neck and is just ten centimeters to rip it off, but he’s knocked back by a swing with Mark’s bat.

It was Richi; he gives 3 more hits to the beast and leaves the bat to help his friend to get up and get out of the tunnel and the cabin. As they were leaving, the beast stood up to attack the unaware kids, but his head suddenly rises as if he was hearing something and suddenly retreats to the lab.

A kilometer away of the cabin, the kids hear a howl, they feel afraid, looking back constantly.

But nothing chased them. The wolf stopped, it didn’t start looking for them. They went to Richi’s house and his parents took Mark to a hospital; where they explained the journey, the cabin, the tunnel and the attack of the wolf. Mark recovered in 2 weeks. A month after the incident, the kids were in Mark’s house and decide to go to the roof, when they get out, they felt the wind and the cold moon staring at them, Richi then exclaim with a smile:

“Look, it's full moon”


  • Abandoned Laboratory: It seems that the cabin was a cover for an underground lab where the Wolf was held captive. It remains unknown its orignis, purpose and workers.
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  • Batter Up!: Mark's Trusty Bat. Richi uses to knock the Wolf out Mark and save him.
  • Big Damn Heroes: While the Wolf grabbed Mark's leg, Richi ran away, and before the beast could torn apart Mark's neck, he is hitted by Richi with the bat, allowing a window for the kids to escape.
  • Childhood Friends: Mark and Richi have been friends since they can remember.
  • Don't Go in the Woods: The Setting of the story, but no real danger lurks in it, it's the underground lab that holds the Wolf.
  • Free-Range Children: Discussed with Richi.
  • Genre Savvy: Richi does remark that 2 kids wandering alone is not a bright idea as it's "like the most cliché prologue of a scary movie", but he can't convince Mark about it.
  • Literalist Snarking: Mark jokes that it would sucks to wander with supervision, since there are better powers than seeing well.
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  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Richi is a nickname that Mark gave to him, which doesn't actually have nothing to do with his real name.
  • Savage Wolves: Richi certainly believes in it and he has no qualms to tell Mark about it.

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