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This a page about the Obs Cure Saga and its hypothetical continuation.

The Saga would consist in 5 principal games:

Old thought games that may be reworked:

  • ObsCure I & II Remakes
  • ObsCure 4D
  • ObsCure 5
  • ObsCure - The Lost Episode
  • ObsCure Dark Aura
  • ObsCure Mortifila Factor

Some changes made to the story:

  • Obs Cure II Remake would have the cutted ending turned into an alternative ending. (Being this one canon)

The Saga contains examples of:

  • Body Horror: The Mortifilia genetically changes normal people into massively grotesque monster, with little to no human appearance.
  • The Corruption: Those who have been infected mutate into nightmarish creature when the Mortifilia's spores in their blood reach a suitable link with their host and react when exposed to light.
  • Cut Short: Averted. We're getting the final we wanted, baby!
  • Duct Tape for Everything: It's downplayed a little, but is still one of the saga's recurring features.
  • Frickin' Laser Beams: One of the best weapons to fight the Mortifilia Creatures is the Friedman's hand-made Laser.
  • Survival Horror: The series main Genre.
  • Weakened by the Light: Zigzagged. The 1st genreation Mortifilia Monsters had a thick spore aura that covers them, which would be neutralized with a flashlight boost, but the 2nd genertion monsters don't have it, but both types of Monsters are killed by a great amount of solar expotion.
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