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Enthalpy: a measure of the total energy in a thermodynamic system.
Eschatology: the study of (among other things) the final history of humanity.

"Nature works dialectically; she never jumps. In nature all the dramatis personae are well orchestrated. The unity of opposites is ironbound, and the crisis and climax come in waves." — Source Unknown

Roughly, the energy required of bringing on the final history of humanity. (And if you can think of a more pretentious title, I'm impressed.) Probably won't actually include a thermodynamic measure of the energy required to bring on the end-times, but then again hard science doesn't sell.


The Enthalpy of Eschatology

A science-fiction/technohorror story set in the 2180's, existing mostly as a vague collection of ideas on LatwPIAT's harddrive. It details a dystopian, semi-Post Apocalyptic future of the Solar System, which has become a secret battleground for alien and transhuman forces. Terrorist cells and rogue Netwar AIs make horrific attacks on closed cities, while biological and nanocyber-biological plagues threaten to subvert humanity from within. Whispers on the 'net speak of secret societies and hidden conspiracies lurking behind every shadow, and multinational corporations and dynastic families secure their own power through increasingly suspect means.




TODO: Actually write about ORACLE.


QQQQQ: Have you read A Canticle for Leibowitz yet? And Blame!?

Latw PIAT: My backlog of things I should read is getting rather extensive, so I haven't gotten around to it yet. Also, while I appreciate the help, I'm afraid that their personalities aren't quite set in stone yet. But, yes, Eukie is most likely an INTP, at least. (And how did you even find this page?)

QQQQQ: Boredom leads to random curiosity. Curiosity leads to a Wiki Walk-ing. And the most irrelevant-looking of links can bear the greatest fruit. I found this looking up what One-Woman Army is linked to (as I remember it) — ooh, this title's a doozy, what's this all about..? Do you have a tangible plot for this already? No, never mind, I should not intrude on someone's private musings..


Latw PIAT: Everything's very... vaporous at this point. I have some sketches for a larger plot, but at this moment it seems I'll mostly just be plotting out shorter plot-lines and stand-alone chapters against the larger setting. Once I figure out the details of the larger setting...


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