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"I learned to dream through reading, learned to create dreams through writing, and learned to develop dreamers through teaching. I shall always be a dreamer. Come dream with me."
Draper's personal welcoming message to her website.

Sharon Draper (sometimes credited as Sharon M. Draper) is an American author. Draper was a former teacher and educator and started writing in 1990 after being challenged by a student. Her short story "One Small Torch" ended up winning a short story contest held by Ebony magazine (and getting praise from Roots author Alex Haley) and from there Draper retired from teaching and continue to write fiction. Draper's novels are usually Young Adult/Middle Grade Literature targeting African-American youth and are about their experiences.


  • The Hazelwood High Trilogy:
  • The Jericho Trilogy
    • The Battle of Jericho (2003)
    • November Blues (2007)
    • Just Another Hero (2009)
  • The Sassy series
    • Sassy: Little Sister Is Not My Name (2009)
    • Sassy: The Birthday Storm (2009)
    • Sassy: The Silver Secret (2010)
    • Sassy: The Dazzle Disaster Dinner Party (2010)
  • The Clubhouse Mysteries aka Ziggy and the Black Dinosaurs series
    • The Buried Bones Mystery (1994)
    • Lost in the Tunnel of Time (1996)
    • Shadows of Caesar's Creek (1997)
    • The Space Mission Adventure (2006)
    • The Backyard Animal Show (2006)
    • Stars and Sparks on Stage (2007)

  • Standalone novels
    • Romiette and Julio (1999)
    • Double Dutch (2002)
    • Copper Sun (2006)
    • Fire from the Rock (2007)
    • Out of My Mind (2010)
      • Out of my Heart (2021)
    • Panic (2013)
    • Stella by Starlight (2015)
    • Blended (2018)