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Orhan Pamuk (born 1952; full name Ferit Orhan Pamuk) is an internationally best-selling Turkish author. His best-known work in the west is Snow (2004), for which he won the Nobel Prize in Literature. His books frequently explore the tensions and cultural conflicts between the East and West.

In addition to novels, he has written several non-fiction works, including a book about his home city of Istanbul, called Istanbul: Memories and the City (Turkish title: İstanbul: Hatıralar ve Şehir), and a screenplay for the Turkish movie Secret Face (Gizli Yüz). He was a co-author of the proposal which led to the creation of the European Writer's Parliament. He currently resides in the US, where he teaches at Columbia University.

Works with a page on this Wiki:

Selected other works:

  • Cevdet Bey ve Oğulları (Cevdet Bey and His Sons) (1982, his first published novel)
  • The White Castle (1985, his first to be translated to English)
  • Istanbul: Memories and the City (non-fiction, 2005)
  • The Museum of Innocence (2008)

Tropes in his other works: