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Janet Edwards is a British writer of speculative fiction. Her novel Earth Girl, a science fiction novel, has been translated into German.

Works by Janet Edwards with their own Trope page include:

  • Works set in The Portal Future (in chronological order):
    • Scavenger Alliance: Three hundred years before Earth Girl, Jarra's ancestor Blaze has a surprise encounter that will change everything.
    • Drago Tell Dramis 2781: After distinguishing himself in the Hera blockade, newly-qualified fighter pilot Drago is sent on a quiet assignment on out-of-the-way Earth. Not even a member of the Tell clan can get in trouble there... right?
    • Earth and...: In the summer before Earth Girl, Jarra learns to fly.
    • Deltan Escape: Fian's University plans come under threat as his father's grip tightens.
    • Earth Girl: The original trilogy, comprising Earth Girl, Earth Star and Earth Flight.
    • Earth-Prime: A short story collection following various characters in the time between the end of Earth Flight and the start of the Fortuna mission.
  • Hive Mind (2016)
  • Reaper (2016)