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Thorn Universe is the name for works of Aneta Jadowska, which so far consist of Dora Wilk Series, The Girl from the Miracles District and Shaman Blues. As many of characters from one works cross over to another, a joint character page is in order, and because of various reveals during the books, here there be spoilers. Art note 

As you might expect from a shared 'verse, there's Loads and Loads of Characters, so this page has been split into four:

  • Thorn Universe - Magicalsnote 
  • Thorn Universe - Vampires And Werewolvesnote 
  • Thorn Universe - Hell And Heavennote 
  • Thorn Universe - Humansnote 

Alternative Title(s): Dora Wilk Series, Shaman Blues, The Girl From The Miracles District


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