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A list of characters from Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. Character names from the Atlus translation by Gail Salamanca will be next to their name in parentheses.

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     Main Cast 

Denam Pavel/Morne (Denim Powell/Mown)
Click here to see Denam as he appears in Chapter 4 
“There is blood on my hands, how long till it lies on my heart?”

The Hero Protagonist of the story, his hometown was ransacked by the Dark Knights a year prior to the game’s beginning. Since then, he and his sister Catiua along with his Best Friend Vyce had been living as partisan fighters in order to free their people and eventually strike back at their oppressors. After encountering a group of mercenaries led by Lanselot Hamilton and using their help to liberate Duke Ronwey, Denam steadily becomes embroiled in the power struggle consuming Valeria. His father also happens to be Brantyn's brother.

  • A Commander Is You
  • Action Survivor: Denam was this at first during the attack on his hometown.
  • Adaptation Dye-Job: His in-game sprite has blond hair whereas his portrait (especially in the PSP remake) depicts it as either dark brown or auburn.
  • Cutscene Incompetence: In one possible ending, he is one-shot-killed by a handgun.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Denam has his moments amidst all the gore. In the original translation, one he has with Barbas in Barnicia stands out in particular.
    Barbas: Challenging me from the front gate, you've got some pretty big ones for being a mere child!
    Denam: That's the same thing your dead friendnote  said.
  • Dynamic Character: As the main character of the story, Denam is subjected to this trope.
  • Easily Forgiven: Partially subverted on the lawful route in that Vyce never fully forgives Denam for joining the massacre at Balmamusa until the game ends.
  • Embarrassing First Name: In the original game, Denam shares his old name with a type of fabric (intentional by the writer). Some fans either hate the old name or the current one.
  • Fallen Hero: Denam obtains this title at the beginning of the chaotic route.
  • The Fettered: Played straight in the chaotic route when Denam rejects the Duke’s offer to rejoin him. Otherwise, accepting it causes this trope to be subverted.
  • The Hero: His supporters refer to him as the Hero of Golyat. In contrast, he’s labeled a butcher by those who vilify him.
  • Hero with Bad Publicity: Denam can be given this treatment by disobeying the Duke’s orders near the end of the first chapter. Then there's the ending where he's assassinated.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: During certain event scenes, he always draw out a sword regardless of what weapon he has equipped.
  • Heroic BSoD: Near the start of the final chapter, Denam is given the standard Heroic BSoD upon hearing about his true heritage, made worse when Olivya confronts him with more revelations even though his father just died. Fortunately, he quickly snaps out of it to further uphold his beliefs.
  • I Did What I Had to Do: In the Lawful route, Denam justifies his involvement in the slaughter of Balmamusa to unite the Walister under the Duke’s banner.
    • He admits that he has blood on his hands later; but mostly uses that as a means to bring people together; "I certainly cannot condemn you."
  • Improbable Age: Noted by many NPCs as looking scarcely old enough to shave.
  • Knight in Shining Armor: Denam literally becomes one in the beginning of the fourth chapter due to his change in wardrobe.
    • In the original game, it also provides him with enhanced stat growth upon leveling up.
  • Like Father, Like Son
  • Little Hero, Big War: He starts out as a little hero who only encounters small parts of the big war, much like Ramza in Final Fantasy Tactics, but becomes a much bigger hero by Chapter 4. Unlike Ramza, regardless of the route, Denam is seen as a hero by the end, even if he doesn't believe in it himself.
  • Magic Knight: The Lord class in the original game allows Denam to cast healing magic while kicking ass at the same time. The remake turns this Up to Eleven by enabling him to use almost all of the abilities already learned from other classes, including magic.
  • Master of All: His Lord class in the remake is incredibly overpowered. Access to Dual Wield just like in the original, plus access to every single magic in the game and whatever command skills he has learned on other classes.
  • Meaningful Name: Both Denam and Vyce were purposely named after "denim" and "Levi's"(as in the jeans maker) to both reflect that they are from the same social class and that blue jeans in the 20th century represented freedom.
  • Morton's Fork: Poor Denam can't catch a break if Kachua dies. He gets crowned king and then either gets assassinated at his coronation, or Lodis returns with it's entire army to conquer Valeria, a foe that King Tristan of Xenobia notes Denam has almost no chance of defeating. The only happy ending he can get involves never becoming king at all.
  • Nice Guy: It sometimes leads him to being a Dogged Nice Guy to Catiua and Vyce on the neutral and chaotic routes.
  • No Place for Me There: Denam leaves Valeria at the end because he's killed so many people in the process of stopping the war that he feels he has no place in the better Valeria his sister is creating. He instead goes to Xenobia at Lanselot's suggestion.
  • Not So Different: Used against Denam by Xaebos and Balxephon in the lawful route.
    • A more optimistic version of this trope can be used by Denam to recruit certain characters in the same route.
  • Not So Stoic: Although Denam may come across as stoic and calm to some people (particularly Deneb), he does have his moments of being emotional from time to time. Most notably when his father dies, where even in the first version of the game, there was a portrait for Denim crying just for that one scene. Then in the remake, the portrait of him crying is even more detailed.
  • Orphan's Plot Trinket: Denam's blue necklace, given to him by his father. It was originally intended for Dorgalua to give that to his offspring if it was a boy, with Catiua's being given if it was a girl.
  • These Hands Have Killed: While killing Galgastani troops never seemed to bother Denam, he immediately invokes this trope right after slaughtering the civilians of Balmamusa or killing his own compatriots to hold off the massacre.
  • Think Nothing of It: Be fully assured that Denam's not in this for fame, fortune or power. He only wants the war to end and that's it.
  • Time Travel: The Chariot mechanic in the remake is heavily implied to be an ability of his, to the point he can not only alter the course of any battle, he can also access different timelines and, as shown in Coda, fix certain events.
  • Underdogs Never Lose: No one expected a mere resistance fighter to ascend that high on the food chain, did they?
  • Walking the Earth: In the ending where Catiua becomes Queen of Valeria, he goes to Xenobia where Lanselot originally came from.
  • We Cannot Go On Without You: If he dies/loses all his lives, it's game over.
  • What the Hell, Hero?:
    • Denam gets plenty of this on the Lawful route, especially from Vyce.
    • It’s also invoked, even by himself, when Denam ends up killing members of the Order of Philaha in self-defense. Fortunately, this can be avoided by removing his equipment and sending him alone to the south gate.
    • Diego states that Denam is the cause of all the hungry war orphans hanging around Port Omish. He has no denying for those words.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist: He starts out as a naïve idealist, but his views may vary depending on the choices he makes.
  • Wise Beyond Their Years: Denam proves himself to be a master tactician through the course of the game, and a lot more responsible and level-headed than his sister.
  • Young and in Charge: Though it initially starts off as a publicity stunt to draw in new recruits, Denam along with his friends are made official knights after rescuing the leader of the Resistance. Many NPCs comment on how Denam looks far too young to be in charge as well. He eventually comes to lead the Resistance after Ronwey (and anyone else with the reputation and rank to lead) ends up dead.

Catiua Pavel (Kachua Powell) / Versalia Oberyth (Bersalia Overis)
Click here to see her in early Chapter 4 
“Promise you’ll never leave your sister.”

Voiced by: Yumi Touma (JP;Sega Saturn)

Denam’s sister and Team Mom of the Golyat Trio, Catiua fights only to keep her brother safe from harm even if it means willing to break her normally pacifistic nature just to stay by his side in the war. Upon the death of their mother, Catiua took it upon herself to fill the void left behind and raise her only sibling. She is also a priestess, trained in the ways of the divine by her father.

  • Badass Preacher: Catiua’s exclusive starting class, Priest, is one of the few classes that can use offensive divine magic.
  • Badass Princess: Once she joins Denam's party as a playable character and gets Princess as her third unique class.
  • Barrier Maiden: Her existence can open the Chaos Gate under the Hanging Gardens. Why? Because King Dorgalua thought she was dead; he tried to do an Orphean Rescue and locked the door to the Underworld with her as the key because that would be his way out and would prevent anything from getting out before then. That she wasn't dead worsened this plan for him infinitesimally.
  • Beauty Equals Goodness: Partially subverted by Catiua who doesn’t seem to care much about anything other than Denam and herself. She comes to grow out of this by the end.
  • Big Sister Instinct: Arguably a Deconstruction as her protective and maternal nature towards Denam is often used to manipulate her and is shown to be genuinely disturbing and/or obsessive at times. It's obvious that it's also a display of her being terrified of Denam leaving her.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Vyce chastises her for sweet-talking the Xenobians into helping them out. In the first version of the game, Vice even shouts at Kachua, "What a bitch!!"
  • Black Mage: Catiua’s final class allows her to make full use of every elemental magic available (including the powerful draconic spells). This didn't change much in the remake.
  • Brother–Sister Incest: Heavily implied on Catiua's part in the first version of the game, but made less-emotional and more passive-aggressive in the second version. In general, her motivation for doing all that crazy stuff like betraying Denam and joining the Dark Knights is linked to her wanting to be with him.
  • Cry Cute: If Denam succeeds in talking her out of her Face–Heel Turn, complete with running make-up and falling to her knees. She's been your haughty, possessive older sister for the whole game and she suddenly transforms into this vulnerable little girl who is sincerely regretful about what she has done and begs for forgiveness.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Once she thinks that Denam has abandoned her in favor of pursuing revolution, she becomes desperate and ends up joining the Dark Knights. If you play the wrong dialogue after fighting Tartaros at Barnicia, she will stab herself in front of Denam.
  • Distressed Damsel: In the Chaos route, when Xapan kidnaps her at Rhime. This condition only lasts for a few missions, though.
  • Driven to Suicide: Not everyone can handle the burden of being an important character in a Yasumi Matsuno game. Jokes aside, if you choose the wrong dialogue after the battle in Barnicia, Catiua will kill herself due to crossing a Despair Event Horizon and Denam's lack of wording ability.
  • Evil Makeover: During her time with the Dark Knights, she dons a new black outfit, puts on a darker shade of lip color, and changes to an evil version of her original class.
  • Face–Heel Turn: She joins the Dark Knights as soon as Lanselot Tartaros talks with her about her true past.
  • Faux Action Girl: Some of the promo artworks depict Catiua holding a sword, but her in-game class forces her to wield staves and cudgels instead. Though it doesn't mean she's incapable of kicking loads of ass with magic.
    • Though with her Prestige Class, Princess, she is capable of wielding swords - and strong ones, too, like Brynhildr.
  • Guide Dang It!: How to stop her from committing suicide, as well as keeping her out of the preceding battle against Lanselot Tartaros in Barnicia Castlenote . While initially she would only join the battle if you went neutral [due to different circumstances surrounding her fight with Denam], it's possible for her to join the battle under any circumstance.
  • The Heretic: Becomes a Dark Priest during her short-lived stint with the Dark Knights.
  • Heroic Bastard: Catiua is the illegitimate daughter of King Dorgalua and the Queen’s most trusted handmaiden, Mannaflora. Being the only surviving heir of Dorgalua, she is the only one who can unite the kingdom without any unfortunate repercussions.
  • The High Queen: Becomes this at the end of the game if she is still alive.
  • Holy Hand Grenade: In the PSP version of the game, Catiua’s the only playable healer who can cast offensive holy magic in battle.
  • If I Can't Have You...: She does not take Denam's choice to keep fighting well.
  • I Have Nothing to Say to That: Invoked in the remake’s chaotic route when Vyce accuses Catiua for standing by Denam regardless of his decision at Balmamusa.
  • The Medic: This is her primary role at first.
  • Orphan's Plot Trinket: Catiua’s necklace is actually proof of her being the illegitimate daughter of King Dorgalua. The blue one was in the event that the baby was a boy.
  • Promotion to Parent: Catiua pretty much raised Denam after their mother died.
  • Replacement Goldfish: Her adopted name, Catiua, is the same as Abuna Prancet's recently departed daughter. Abuna Brantyn suggested naming her Catiua when he asks Prancet to adopt the king's daughter.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Catiua becomes this once she joins you permanently.
  • Technical Pacifist: She will always try to find workarounds, or methods that involve a lesser amount of spilled blood.
  • Thicker Than Water: Catiua is a staunch believer of this trope and the acknowledgement that she had been taking the idea too far is a major part of her development as a character. Especially since it turns out she's adopted.
  • White Mage: The first one accessible to you, but only as a guest member. In the remake, you can bring her back to that class.

Vyce Bozeck (Vice Bozeg)
"I have no love of war. But I'd sooner die on my feet than on my knees."

The last of the Golyat Trio, Vyce is Denam's closest friend. He is the more impulsive and head strong of the three, but also shows shades of being the most clever and politically minded.

  • Abusive Parents: His father was a drunkard who beat him. In Chaos route, Vyce used this as a Freudian Excuse to express his jealousy at Denam. He got over it in the Law route, where Vyce would still fight to avenge his honor despite the abuse when confronting his murderer, the Dark Knight Barbas.
  • Big Damn Heroes: In the Law route, where he helps Denam defeat Leonar.
  • The Big Guy: You get that bit of information if you try to put him as a Guest in Training in the original version during Chapter 1.
    Vyce: I don't need any training. Look at my muscles!
  • Came Back Wrong: In the Chaos route, thanks to Nybeth, who found his body.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: In the Chaos and Neutral routes, where Vyce tries to do a massive cleanup on the main leaders of the Heim War by himself and fails.
  • Cutscene Power to the Max: He fatally wounds Ravness with a single crossbow shot. Typical crossbows available in Chapter 1 generally do not mortally wound much of anything in one shot.
  • Disc-One Final Boss: Becomes one in the Chaotic route, even having Xapan as The Dragon and pulling a You Have Failed Me on him.
  • Dynamic Character: He's as noble or as evil as the route needs him to be. His character portraits reflect this!
  • Duel Boss: In the Chaos route, where he locks Denam into the main hall of Almorica to fight him one-on-one.
  • Evil Makeover: In the Chaos and Neutral routes, in addition to getting a sadistic look on his face, his hair also inexplicably becomes more evil. He is often referred to as "Sadistic Vyce" in this form. In the PSP version, his appearance changes even more drastically, making him look like some kind of beast or demon.
    • In the second version of the game, this is inverted on the Law route where he suddenly sticks his head up in a heroic way and his chin becomes more well-defined.
  • Expy: In the second version of the game, he becomes this to Algus/Argath in the Chaotic route. Ironically, Argath's nemesis Delita is an expy of Vyce, himself, bringing it full circle.
  • Face–Heel Turn: In the Chaos and Neutral routes. Technically, he did a Face–Heel Turn in Law route, but in a way of becoming a Hero Antagonist when it's Denam who decides to become something of a Villain Protagonist.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: Both for the same character! His scars represent good in the Law route but evil in the Chaos & Neutral routes.
  • The Gunslinger: His exclusive class gets access to guns in the remake.
  • Foil: Mainly to Denam, though he contrasts in some ways to Leonar as well.
    • His allegiance from Chapter 2 onward will always be the opposite of Denam's, yet his personality will also mirror Denam's choice. If Denam chooses Chaos, opting for personal motives over the Duke's orders, Vyce will mirror it: siding with the Duke, but only because of his resentment of Denam. If Denam sides with the Duke, Vyce disobeys out of a sense of duty to his countrymen. Ever the converse, never the inverse; so to speak.
  • Freudian Excuse / Green-Eyed Monster: He brought this up in Chaos Route when he fought Denam. "You... you vex me!"
  • Meaningful Name: Both Denam and Vyce were purposely named after "denim" and "Levi's" (as in the jeans maker) to both reflect that they are from the same social class and that blue jeans in the 20th century represented freedom. It got lost in the remake's new translation.
  • Ranger: His unique class in the remake, thought he can use guns as well.
  • The Rival: To Denam.
  • Rival Turned Evil: In the Chaos and Neutral routes.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Vice or Vyce? Your pick.
  • Schrödinger's Gun: His entire personality changes to either Heroic or Sadistic; whichever is the opposite of the decision Denam make at the end of the first chapter.
  • Taking You with Me: He kills Duke Ronwey in the Neutral route, knowing full well that he will be cut down as soon as he does so.
  • The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: In the Law route, he's quite interested in taking Denam down on his own through the course of Chapter 2.
  • Unwitting Pawn: In the Chaos route, he tries to play Ronwey, Brantyn, and the Lodissians to gain power, but ends up as the fall-guy for a plot gone wrong (by Brantyn, no less), and is hanged.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: He does this to Xapan. Later in the Chaos route, this happens to him.


     The Walister Resistance 

Duke Juda Ronwey (Judah Ronway)

The leader of the Walister Resistance. After the onset of war, he led the beleaguered Walister people in their resistance of the Galgastani. The Duke was held prisoner in his own castle at Almorica.

  • Bad Boss: Especially in the Law route, in which he tries to micromanage the war.
  • Fatal Flaw: Pride. In all three routes the image-politicking he engages in to legitimize himself and the Walister ultimately leads to his downfall.
    • In the Law route he pushes for a decisive rout of Galgastan in the field, despite Galgastan's numerical superiority. The attempt results in the humiliation and near-collapse of the Walsiter; and reveals his lack of strategic acumen, necessitating his removal.
    • In the Neutral route he leverages considerable resources and manpower to arrest Vyce, after he deserts the Walister. This only succeeds in making Vyce so desperate and wrofthful, he murders Ronwey in a suicidal attack.
    • In the Chaos route he elevates Vyce to higher duties and stations, as a reward for his loyalty and to better harness him as a symbol of the Walister cause. His patronage stokes Vyce's ambitions, and Vyce ultimately betrays Ronwey to his rival, Brantyn.
  • For Want of a Nail: Denam's decision at Balmamusa had a great effect to Ronwey's latter attitude: If Denam obeyed him, the Balmamusa massacre went 100% as he planned and Denam becoming his 'champion', and this gave him overconfidence that brought light to his own Fatal Flaw and caused his downfall quickly. If Denam disobeyed, the massacre didn't go completely as planned (but still succeeded), but this made Ronwey more careful and in turn this made him prevail against Balbatos. Likewise, during the split at the Chaos/Neutral route, if Denam joined him, Ronwey would feel more at ease that he would be able to resist the Losloriens, but if Denam did not join him, he would feel insecure enough that he decided to bargain an alliance with the Loslorien.
  • Jigsaw Plot: Depending on your choices, Ronwey can become a pathetic Bad Boss (Law), or an actually competent leader that ousted Balbatos (Chaos). Then when the plot branches again, Ronwey can either become a Reasonable Authority Figure that always opposes the Loslorien (Neutral) or ends up bargaining an alliance with the Dark Knights ASAP to try and take control of southern Valeria (Chaos). See For Want of a Nail above for how it came to be.
  • Not So Different: At first he's presented as the "good" leader in the war, but once he orders the slaughter of his own people he's cast in a much less flattering light and is shown to be little different from the other leaders.

Leonar Reci Rimon (Leonard Leci Limon)

A Walister who captains the Knights of Almorica. He serves as the right hand of Duke Ronwey, and is a vital member of the Resistance. His mother was killed by the Galgastani.

  • Broken Pedestal: He's this to Arycelle as soon as she discovers the truth of the Balmamusa Massacre.
  • Came Back Wrong: Courtesy of Nybeth, in Law and Chaos routes. Leonar stayed dead without unwanted revival in Neutral route because Nybbeth was already a Lich when met in the Palace of the Dead.
  • I Did What I Had to Do: Leonar barely has any regrets on his part at the war, especially the Balmamusa Massacre.
    Leonar: [To Arycelle] "Do you think we did not understand what it was we did? What it would mean? It was a vile plot from the start, but it had to be done. For our people - our future! Galgastan hunted us. We had no other card left to play. So I did it - did it gladly! And if I had it to do again, I would!"
  • Implied Love Interest: It's all but confirmed he had an affair with Arycelle.
  • Jigsaw Plot: Depending on what route you take, he either becomes a nice guy who tries to betray you at the end, is a nice guy regardless, or fights you anyways. Some considered it a letdown that he didn't join in Neutral, where he's always a nice guy.
  • My Death Is Just the Beginning: In the Law route, when he dies, he tells Denam to blame everything on him, making Denam into a hero who can finally unite the continent.
  • The Starscream: In the Law route, where he suggests Denam to kill the Duke just so he could use him as a pariah to rally the Walisters on.
  • Suicide by Cop:
    • Implied in the Chaos route where it's revealed that he purposely put all the dark-hearted resistance members in Denam's path, and admits that Denam was right after he is mortally wounded.
    • Subverted in the Law route where after you mortally wound him, he tells Denam to blame all the atrocities they have committed on him so he looks like a villain and Denam looks like a hero who everyone will follow. Denam asks if this was his plan all along. He replies he would prefered Denam died instead but since he is dying, might as well help unify the kingdom under Denam, who is capable enough to lead them to freedom.
  • You Killed My Mother: His main reason for hating Galgastani people.

Ravness Loxaerion

A new character added to the PSP version of the game. She is a Walister who serves with the Knights of Almorica and is a close confidant of Duke Ronwey, second only to Sir Leonar in rank. She is the opposite of Leonar, always sticking with the side that refuses to take part in the massacre of Balmamusa.

  • Braids of Action: Wears her long silver hair in two braids on the side of her head.
  • Cutscene Incompetence: Despite her combat abilities, it takes a single crossbow bolt from Vyce to fatally wound her in the Chaos route.
  • Expy: She’s Tactics Ogre's answer to Agrias Oaks of Final Fantasy Tactics fame in almost every way.
  • Guide Dang It!: How do you recruit her?
    • Looking her name up on any search engine will give you links to about a dozen different threads involving the very complicated steps the player must take to get her. Let us help you 
  • Half-Breed Discrimination: She's of mixed race Walister and Galgastani; if she survives in a Law playthrough; both ethnic groups mistrust her.
  • Knight in Shining Armor: She's one of the few who can access a class that previously was exclusive to Myrdin and Gildas, the White Knight.
  • Lady of War
  • Magic Knight: Her starting class is Valkyrie and she frequently attacks with magic when she appears as a guest.
  • Noble Fugitive: Ravness becomes a fine example of this trope in later chapters (provided if she’s still alive in each hostile encounter).
  • Ship Tease: Her and Canopus.
  • To Be Lawful or Good: Her dilemma in the Law Route, due to rebelling against Ronwey because of the Balmamusa Massacre.

Donnalto Presance (Donald Presance)

A Walister who fights for the Resistance and serves the Order of Philaha. He once cared for orphans at a church in Almorica, but it was razed to the ground by the Galgastani after war broke out, and he lost all that he held dear. He now devotes his life to seeking vengeance. He is friends with Leonar and Arycelle as well.


A Walister serving in Denam's unit. She was raised at an abbey on the outskirts of Almorica, eventually becoming a sibyl of Philaha. Her parents also served the order, but were slain by the Galgastani while en route to provide aid to those suffering in Krysaro. Hearing of Duke Ronwey's liberation, she defied the opposition of her superiors and joined the Walister Resistance. She first served under Sir Leonar's command, but then joined Denam's unit after Denam went to her aid at Krysaro.

Sara Ostvald

A Walister and archer with the Knights of Almorica. Her father and brothers were also bowmen with the knights, but all perished in the early days of the war. Her pinpoint accuracy with the bow more than compensates for her lack of brute strength. She returned to her mother's side after the defeat of the Walister and the captuer of Duke Ronwey. However, she returned to her post as soon as she received word of the Duke's rescue. Once back in service, she initially served with Leonar's troops, but was trapped with him after an attack by a Galgastani Necroprentice.

Voltare Montrose (Voltel)

A Walister hailing from the town of Sezhun in Almorica. House Montrose is a noble family that has produced a great many knights over the years, and they are known for their loyalty to the duke. They live by the motto, "Serve with each sweep of the blade." When Leonar was made leader of the duke's personal troops, Voltare was appointed his second in command. His steadfast nature and closeness in age to Leonar forged a strong bond between them. Following the recapture of Almorica Castle, he met with ambush while pursuing the Necromancer Nybeth with Leonar, trapped in the same place as Sara.

Arycelle Dania (Aloser Danya)

Leonar's ex-girlfriend from Balmamusa, pissed off at the massacre. At first she opposes Denam greatly. In the Law route, she is a complete bitch and gets killed for it when she and Vyce attacks Denam in Rhime although not so much in the PSP version where she can avoid getting killed, sees the truth with Vyce and joins Denam's batallion along with him and the Holy Knights. In Chaos route, she mellows down and eventually learns the truth, now directing her anger to the right side.

  • Archer Archetype: And the best archer in the game, bar none.
  • Broken Pedestal: She has one in Leonar once she learns the truth in the Chaos Route. Made worse by the fact that she was actually his girlfriend.
  • Red Baron: The PSP remake gives her the title "Thunder Maiden" and she's usually hailed as Walister's best archer ever.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: She is nonplussed about the Balmamusa Massacre and the death of her brother in a rather cowardly way.
  • Screw This, I'm Out of Here!: If you enter the Neutral Route, where Denam rejoins Ronwey's resistance, Arycelle won't put up with this. In the original, she will outright leave the party.
    • In the remake when this happens, instead of just leaving your party, her loyalty level plummets since you are being wishy washy in her eyes. Unless you manage to raise her loyalty back up very fast (which can be hard to do), she will leave your party permanently. Hope you aren't in New Game Plus!
  • Shock and Awe: Her Red Baron status as "Thunder Maiden" is not just a title. It helps that the best Bow Finisher happens to be Lightning-elemental.
  • Shout-Out: Arycelle is given 'Thunder Maiden' title as a homage to "Thunder God" Cidolfas Orlandeau, since both Orlandeau and Arycelle were notoriously powerful units in the original versions of both games.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: With Leonar, who's responsible for the Balmamusa Massacre, and she hunts the responsible for it.
  • Unfortunate Names: Her name in the original is Aloser after all. Which led to really unintentionally awesome and funny moments. How does it feel for the enemy to be shot down dead by A loser?

     The Kingdom of Galgastani 

Hierophant Leundar Balbatos (Cardinal Rayunder Barbatos)

Leader of the Kingdom of Galgastan. After war broke out, he established a realm ruled by the descendant of Count Orlandeau, a former lord of Coritanae. He installed himself as regent under the pretense of guiding the young lord. He started the blood war to suppress the Walister and take the southern half of Valeria for his own. Within a few months he crushed the Walister forces and captured their leader, Duke Ronwey. He was content to leave a simple garrison to keep Ronwey in captivity at Almorica.

In the first version of the game, he was explicitly stated to be carrying out ethnic cleansing, massacring any village that dared oppose him and turning others into concentration camps. Yes, that's right, the exact words "ethnic cleansing" and "concentration camp" were used just in case that wasn't clear. In the second version of the game, this is toned down and he instead engages in a "blood war" involving forced labor camps and much bloodshed.

  • Better to Die than Be Killed: In the Law route.
  • A Nazi by Any Other Name: In the first version of the game, he instituted Baramus as a concentration camp. In the PSP version, he is instead a Soviet by any other name, as he institutes Balmamusa as a forced labor camp. These are merely the biggest examples, as ten other concentration camps/forced labor camps similar to Baramus/Balmamusa are noted to have been established by him.
  • Not So Different: While in the guillotine, he rants about how the same thing will probably happen to Ronwey. He's absolutely right.
  • Off with His Head!: This happens to him in the Chaos route.
  • Starter Villain: He is the main bad guy at the start, but Brantyn plays the role of Disc-One Final Boss.
  • The Unfought: Either is executed by guillotine in the Chaotic route or commits suicide in the Law route.
  • 0% Approval Rating: He is hated by many Galgastani in all routes.

Xaebos Ronsenbach (Zaebos Rozenbach)

A Galgastani who leads the Knights of Galgastan. He served directly under Balbatos, hunting down the Hierophant's enemies at home and suppressing the Walister. He is one of the main antagonists for a part of Chapter 3.

  • The Dragon: To Balbatos/Barbatos, and he revels on the fact.
  • Dragon His Feet: He never quits, even after Balbatos is defeated. In fact, his goal is to estabilish a new Galgastan Kingdom.
  • Hannibal Lecture : Gives this to Denam on pretty much every route.

Pavan Bapal (Bapalu)

A Galgastani who served his clan in battle. At the start of the war he led a group of bandits based in the Phorampa Wildwood, but a desire to defend his homeland prompted him to enlist as a man-at-arms. Though an experienced fighter, he lacked an understand of the art of warfare, and was often mocked by other soldiers. In an attempt to prove himself he led an offensive against partisans at Almorica Castle in order to make sure that Duke Ronwey stayed imprisoned. However, his poor reputation was only compounded when he was slain by those he sought to bring to justice.

Sir Agares Bazin (Agres)

A Galgastani who served his clan in battle. He was brother to Baronet Bazin of Auslan, a town in the Coritanae marches. Sir Agares was sent to reinforce the Almorica garrison, who were struggling to hold off attacks by the Duke's men. Despite his noble upbringing he was an approachable and well-respected commander. He led the defense of Almorica Castle in place of the absent Consul Obdilord, but was slain by Denam and his Xenobian allies.

Orba Brondel (Oruba)

A Galgastani who served his clan in battle. He was the son of renowned architect Selba Brondel. Selba created many famed buildings, such as Heilingham Palace, also known as the Hanging Gardens. Orba taught at the Coritanae Academy of Arts while painting numerous works in his spare time. One of these, named "Opalescent Clouds," was presented to the late King Dorgalua, and now hangs in Heim Castle. Orba was a major proponent of the nationalism espoused by Hierophant Balbatos, and he volunteered to take up arms soon after the war broke out. He encountered Resistance forces at Tynemouth while en route to Almorica, and was slain by Denam's unit.

Garba Brondel (Galva)

A Galgastani who served his clan in battle. He was the son of renowned architect Selba Brondel. His twin brother Orba was slain by Denam at Tynemouth. Garba had won fame as a political philosopher, penning works such as "The Creed of the Self-Deceived" and "Failings of Present-Day Doctrine." Though initially an advocate of progressive politics, he took a more nationalistic tone after hearing the words of Hierophant Balbatos. He stated in one address, "Nothing can assuage the resentment we harbor toward the Walister, though we may know it unjust." The way he calmly vanquished his opponents in argument earned him the name "Garba the Silver-Tongued." He was slain by Denam Pavel on the Xeod Moors while marching to engage Resistance forces at Balmamusa.

Hektor Didarro (Didario)

A Galgastani who served his clan in battle. He was a knight of House Didarro, a family of note in Coritanae. They have served the Lord of Coritanae for many generations, and are fiercely loyal to the Kingdom of Galgastan. Hektor was to wed Moldova until she fell in battle at krysaro. He was garrisoned at Brigantys Castle under High Commander Xaebos, but later set off for the Bahanna Highlands to aid Moldova's sister, Cressida. He escorted Cressida to Brigantys Castle safely, but was then killed by Denam's unit. The necromancer Nybeth later resurrected him and Moldova, but they were defeated by Denam once more, setting their souls free at last.

  • Ascended Extra: In the original, Hektor was a mere fight you had to go through. The remake gives Hektor a bigger role as Cressida's bethroted and a dedicated Galgastani soldier.
  • Badass Boast: The remake allows him to do the mother of them all in Chapter 3C:
    Hektor: Now my love turns to vengeance, Denam of Golyat! I am Hektor Didarro, son of Briam, Knight of Galgastan. I thank the Father for bringing you before me this day, Denam of Golyat! On the souls of my destined wife and her mother, I swear you will not live to see another dawn!
  • Batman Gambit: In the Law Route, Hektor finds the exit to his own dilemma by noticing Denam coming into Brigantys; he and his father set the scene up so he fights to the death with Denam, while his father ensures Balbatos' dissidents are safe when Denam takes the castle over. The extra? According to Jeunan, his father planned to join his son as soon as their safety was guaranteed, by committing suicide.
  • Graceful Loser: In the Chaos Route, he recognizes Denam is far above his league, but despite Denam's plead to avoid fighting and survive, Hektor rather prefers to die for the Galgastani cause he swore for.
  • Honor Before Reason: It does not matter what Hektor does believe in; he made an oath and he's willing to meet his own end for it.
  • Secret Test of Character: In the Law Route, this was the only way Hektor would be sure Denam was not another Ronwey or Balbatos: by clashing with him in a duel to the death.
  • Suicide by Cop: Part of his Batman Gambit in the Law Route to ensure Balbatos' dissidents would live.
  • Undying Loyalty: Hektor may have no love for Balbatos and his ideas, but he sure has for his oath, one he intends to respect to his bitter end.
  • Worthy Opponent: Sees Denam as such in the Chaos Route.

Gildora (Zildor)

Jeunan Avertif (Jenounes Apatizer)

A former Galgastani riot squad. After being led to conduct a falsely-informed massacre, he could no longer abide to Balbatos' orders and rebelled against him, but was imprisoned as a result. He will only join Denam during the third chapter of Law route after getting rescued, if he sympathizes with Denam's words.

  • The Atoner: Jeunan was responsible for the massacre of Basque Village in Exeter Island, among some other events. He's horrified of the results, which motivated him to turn against the Hierophant.
  • Birds of a Feather: In the Law route, since Denam was also being The Atoner for the Balmamusa massacre, Jeunan decided to join with him so he could also atone for his own sins together. This is probably why Jeunan didn't join Denam in the Chaos route despite being technically present: Denam has nothing to atone for there.
  • Blade on a Stick: His weapon of choice in the remake is the spear. In the original version, it was a sword.
  • Dragon Knight: He's part of the Wyrmslayer squad, whose job is to hunt down dragons. And his default class is Dragoon.

Ganpp Vochstein (Ganb Backstein)

A Galgastania who once served his clan in battle. His coarse demeanor and haughty bearing rankle all those he meets, and he is not well-liked as a result. He has taken to avoiding contact with others, preferring the company of beasts. He has two pet gryphons named Obda and Berda.

  • Bald of Awesome: He has a big balding topping his head, and he's basically the best Beast Tamer in all of Valeria.
  • Fluffy Tamer: He's never seen without his two gryphons.
  • Gonk: Ganpp is said to be a complete barbarian, to the point his smell drives people away from him.
  • Recurring Boss: Starting at the back half of Chapter 1, then a fight at Chapter 3, and finally a sidequest on Chapter 4 where you must keep him alive in order to get him to your party.
  • Whip It Good: In the original he had a liking for whips, fitting of a Beast Tamer.

     The Kingdom of Bakram 

Exarch Brantyn Morne (Bishop Branta Mown)

A Bakram who serves as regent to the Bakram-Valerian Kingdom. Following the death of King Dorgalua, he aspired to rule Valeria himself. Though once a mere abuna in the Order of Philaha, he used his growing power in the church to intervene in the power struggle caused by the lack of a successor. He consolidated his political power by courting the favor of the noble and wealthy. Backed by the military might of Lodis to the north, he established the Bakram-Valerian Kingdom and installed himself as regent. The kingdom is headed by the heir of House Eltynaha due to their blood ties with Queen Vernotta, but it is Brantyn who rules.

  • Chekhov's Gunman: Is often mentioned offhand early in the game a couple times.
  • Disc-One Final Boss: Although his defeat ends the war, there is more to be done afterwards.
  • Luke, I Am Your Father: Or rather, your uncle.
  • Not-So-Harmless Villain: Unlike opposing faction leaders Duke Ronwey and Hierophant Balbatos, Abuna Brantyn is more than capable of defending himself, and wields some of the most powerful spells in the game. Especially in the PSP version where he has more to his arsenal.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Brantyn believes that all he does is for the well-being of Valeria, which would have been outright invaded by Lodis had he not struck a deal with the Loslorien to help them find Dorgalua's tomb.

Sherri Phoraena (Shelley Foriner)

A magus who once served the Bakram hosts. Once a missionary for the Order of Philaha, she left for a different calling upon the death of her mother. She eventually became a high-ranking member of the Bakram army. She sought to take Archiereus Mreuva captive at the Hagia Banhamuba, but was routed by Resistance forces. Fearing punishment for her failure she went to ground in Balmamusa, but was discovered there by the Resistance. Her sister Olivya then persuaded her to join Denam's unit.

  • The Atoner: She breaks down when she's recruited, ashamed of how selfish she's been.
  • Bare Your Midriff
  • Black Magician Girl
  • Cry Cute: When Olyvia manages to convince her to come with her.
  • Dark Chick: During her tenure under Brantyn.
  • Death Seeker: Implied to be this on the Balmamusa scene where you recruit her, as she was either going to kill Denam, or get herself killed in that shack.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: Her main elemental affinity. She's mainly this as the Oracle of Earth.
  • Guide Dang It!: There is no hint that she's hiding in Balmamusa, nor having to go there in bad weather to actually find her. There's also the very specific part of the plot in which she can be recruited.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Olivya forgives her and with Denam's help convinces her to come home. She breaks down in tears when she realizes how much her family still loves her.
  • I Miss Mom: She was the closest to their mother and grieves her deeply. It's the reason why she loathes her father and decides to work for Brantyn instead.

Falfaday Geb Lesmoaria (Falfadet)

A mage Denam meets as soon as he steps foot into the Palace of the Dead. She was sent there to research Draconic Magic. She came from a family of poisoners and inherited their trade, becoming a poison specialist as well.

Vepahl Dabran (Vepar)

A member of the Tigers of Burnham, she was formerly from a secret expedition squad that reported to Brantyn. In the original game, Denam meets her a quarter of his way into his trek through the Palace of the Dead. In the remake, she is instead met in the San Bronsa Ruins, where Denam witnesses her being killed by angelic forces.

     The Valeria Liberation Front 

Cerya Phoraena (Selye Foriner)

Leader of the Valeria Liberation Front. Used to be a priestess, but got fed up with the politics and once her mother died, she left the Philaha Order and formed Valeria Liberation Front, with Cistina as the vice-leader, to oppose Brantyn. Tough and a realist, she's more than willing to use bloodshed as a means to reach her goal.

In the Law route, she ends up having her front completely obliterated by the Dark Knights and is slain. In the Chaos route, she attempts to assassinate Ronwey to make an opening to assassinate Brantyn in the ensuing war, this will cause Cistina (and Folcurt and Bayin, if they live) to oppose her idea and joins Denam instead. Later on, the Dark Knights wiped out her Front, but she managed to survive. In Chaos route, she joined Denam right off bat, but in the Neutral route, she went to rejoin the Front's survivor and went under the guise of pirates, until Denam finds her and recruits her.

The eldest daughter of Mreuva with the affinity of fire element.

  • Big Damn Heroes: In the past, she did one, when both Olivya and Denam were about to drown.
  • Blade on a Stick: Defaults on Valkyrie class, and if recruited at Neutral route, comes with a fire-elemental spear
  • Defiant to the End: In the Law route, Denam never rescues her and in her last scene, some Lodis knights are about to have their way with her. In the PSP translation, her last line before the scene cuts away is to defiantly tell them to even try. Averted in the PlayStation translation where she is last seen begging them to stay away from her. Either way, she isn't seen again after this.
  • Foreshadowing: If Cistina dies in the PSP version during the battle in chapter one, she calls out Cerya. Denam then says, "Where have I heard that name before?" Because Denam actually knew the four sisters when he was younger.
  • Hidden Heart of Gold: She's actually gentle-hearted, but had to put up a tough bitch persona as the leader of the Liberation Front (she actually asked Denam to take care of Cistina after the latter stormed off in disagreement). And when confronting Sherri, she's the only one who has nothing but rough words.
  • Playing with Fire: Her main elemental affinity, especially as the Oracle of Fire.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: She's more than willing to stain her hand to achieve her goals.
  • Tough Love: Of the Phoraena sisters, Cerya is the one who takes this approach, refusing to mince words with her sisters whenever she needs to. A particular example involves Sherri's battle in the Banhamoba Shrine, as Cerya just tells her to go back to Heim so she isn't forced to hurt her.

Cistina Phoraena (Sisteena Foriner)

Vice-leader of the Valeria Liberation Front and seems to have a knack for trouble. She is first encountered in Rhime being attacked by Galgastan, in which Denam rescues her... and then is never heard again in the Law route.

In the Chaos route, on the other hand, she gets kidnapped by pirates and had to be rescued (providing that Denam got the Wizard Bayin on his battalion). She ends up confronting her sister Cerya about her plan to assassinate the leaders of the factions, opposes it and joins Denam's battalion instead.

She's also one of the daughters of Mreuva, the 3rd daughter and she's associated with the Wind Elemental.

  • Badass in Distress: She got into trouble and needed saving twice in the game; in the first and second Chaos chapters, and she gets Killed Off for Real if you didn't save her. Since she is a Jack-of-All-Stats and would be the earliest Phoraena sister you get, she has all the time to grow really strong and could outgrow her sisters in strength.
  • Birds of a Feather: When she agreed to join Denam, she's touched that he shared her idealistic views, goals and same abhorrence of unnecessary bloodshed.
  • Blow You Away: Strongly associated with Wind, and eventually becomes the Oracle of that element.
  • Breast Plate: Her PSP remake portrait seems to have her wear one along with her normal yellow dress.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Appears in chapter one as a near throwaway character... who happens to be a childhood friend of Denam.
  • Foreshadowing: Only if you let her die in Chapter one, wherein she will call out Cerya's name and Denam says "Where have I heard that name before..." Not that you would want to see this.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: Starting out as a Warrior/Amazon, Cistina can grow into any classes just fine.
  • Nice Girl: Second to her younger sister Olivya, Cistina is caring to her friends (especially Folcurt), and she abhors unnecessary violence, being a Wide-Eyed Idealist at heart.
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential: She may look fine and normal, but you could go out of your way to make her miserable, which includes getting Folcurt killed before he could rescue her, or taking the Neutral route and let her see Cerya die. Or not recruiting Sherri and kill her...
    • Or you can just simply just not recruit her in the first place after going through everything to save her; which will have Denam state that her dream was unrealistic even for him. In this case, unlike Folcurt and Bayin that wished you luck, Cistina didn't take it well, stating that she hated Denam for talking down about her dream and never wanted to see him again.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Is not heard of again in the Law Route. Not even during the scene when Cerya gets killed by the Dark Knights. Could've had an offscreen death though. In Chaos/Neutral route, it is possible to not even hear of her again if you failed to save Bayin (and considering his situation, it's easy to screw up in saving him), and you were only told about what happened to her if you had Cerya reunite with Olivya: Because you didn't save her from the pirates, she got sold into someone else and was killed.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist: Unlike Cerya, she doesn't like staining her hands with blood to achieve her goal.

Folcurt Reeda Lynde (Forcas Lida Rhende)

A former Bakram Knight disillusioned with Brantyn's rule who joined the Valeria Liberation Front as a result. He seems to be an item together with its vice-leader Cistina. After being rescued by a fugitive Denam in the Chaos route, he offers him a safe route to Rhime through the sea.

He only joins in the Chaos or Neutral chapter.

  • Badass in Distress: He's first found having been caught by the Walister Resistance Army for scouting and mistaken as one of Denam's men.
  • Defector from Decadence: He does not like Brantyn's ways on running things, so he went to join the Liberation Front.
  • Honor Before Reason: He almost foregoes saving Cistina because he had to pay his debts to Denam first as part of his knight honor, in which Bayin calls him out for. Which is a good thing, because if you agree with Folcurt, Bayin storms off to save Cistina herself and you'll never get to hear them again. No guesses of what could have happened to the two.
  • Knight in Shining Armor: Starts as a Knight, and is as chivalrous as ever.
  • Ship Tease: Gets a lot with Cistina, while she seems to reciprocate, it doesn't go very far.

Bayin Rosen Orne (Byan Rozen Ohwn)

A talented scholar/wizard that also disliked Brantyn's rule and enlisted to the Valeria Liberation Front. Can be a bit stubborn due to his age, which causes him to have be rescued by Denam when the two meet in Fort Qadriga in the Chaos route, as Denam is on the run from the Walister Resistance.

Like Folcurt, he only joins in the Chaos or Neutral chapter.

  • Badass Grandpa: Age 58 and still rocking powerful magic.
  • Badass in Distress: He's first found surrounded by pirates, ready to kill him.
  • Black Mage
  • Defector from Decadence: Along with Folcurt, he's a defector from Brantyn's army.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: Associated with the Earth element.
  • Nintendo Hard: Saving him in Qadriga Fortress, at least in the original version. Unlike Xapan in the Law route, Bayin is much more squishy and his AI is as suicidal as it gets. You can at least lessen this by using the Elemental boost spell since the enemies happen to be all Wind Elemental. And if you failed to save him, say goodbye to your chances to save Cistina.
  • Wizard Classic: He has this look, from the Wizard Beard to the wizard hat.

     The Xenobian Exiles 
A group of characters who were banished from Xenobia and reduced to mercenaries. Actually on a secret mission to retrieve the holy sword Brynhildr.

Lanselot Hamilton (Lans Hamilton)

A Xenobian born in the city of Valna in Charlom who formerly captained the Holy Knights of the Kingdom of New Xenobia. He came to Valeria to recover the sword Brynhildr at the behest of King Tristan of Xenobia. He joined the Walister Resistance after aiding Denam in freeing Duke Ronwey. He was garrisoned in Rhime when the Bakram invaded, and went missing thereafter.

  • Ascended Extra: Lanselot is the first character you get in March of the Black Queen and after the first battle with Usar, he just lost his importance. In this game, he's a very central character even if he's not playable until CODA 3.
  • Doomed by Canon: It was stated in the canon ending of March of the Black Queen that he would be killed in action. Funny as Let Us Cling Together is the sequel to this game. However, its cruelly subverted as Lanselot doesn't actually die; he instead gets tortured until he becomes a shell of his former self who Denam later finds in a hospital, not reacting to anything except his wife's music box, which causes him great emotional distress. Death may have been a kinder fate.
    • Denam can rewrite that part of history, however. In CODA 3, he uses his ability to go back to the Rhime Invasion and prevent Lanselot from losing his battle against Barbas.
  • A Fate Worse Than Death: Lanselot is horribly tortured by the Lodisians offscreen after being captured. Near the end of act 4, Denam finds him in a hospital where it is revealed he has been reduced to a shell of a human being, the only thing that brings any reaction out of him is the sound of his child's music box, and that reaction is one of abject terror. He remains that way for the rest of the story, and his fellow Xenobians are forced to return home without him. In the (presumably non-canon) Coda, Denam does gain the power to go back in time to attempt to save him from ever being captured, which adds him to your roster.
  • Knight in Shining Armor: In the purest sense.
  • Player Punch: in the end of the game it is revealed that he was tortured physically and mentally, to the point of being disfigured and entering a catatonic state. He only reacts to the music box of his dead wife - and by screaming with agony when hearing the song, since it was used to torture him by Tartaros.
  • What If? : What if Denam wasn't so powerless at Rhime, and could have actually saved Lans from his inevitable fate? This is explored further in Coda; Denam manages to intervene in his battle with Barbas and creates a new timeline where he stuck with Denam after the Rhime Massacre.
    • Not only that, the end result even suggests it was Lanselot himself who suggested Denam to visit Xenobia after the Heim War.

Warren Omon (Warren Moon)

  • Black Mage
  • Heroic Sacrifice: He teleports Denam's party back out of the Chaos Gate they were pulled into before sealing it, leaving him trapped on the other side.
    • The second CODA averts the trope and has Canopus and his friends deciding to search for Warren with some clues about the Palace of the Dead having another Chaos Gate, and Denam decides to tag along. Canopus hits the jackpot and manages to find his friend... just as he's fighting King Rodrick, who suffered the same fate as Dorgalua.

Canopus Wolph (Canopus Wolff)

A Xenobian from the city of Peshaval in Chariom who once captained the Beast Legion of the Kingdom of New Xenobia. He came to Valeria with the Holy Knight Lanselot to recover the sword Brynhildr at the behest of King Tristan of Xenobia. He joined the Walister Resistance after aiding Denam in freeing Duke Ronwey from his imprisonment at Almorica Castle. Since then he has accompanied Denam. He appears young in years, as winged folk live to thrice the age of men.

  • Berserk Button:
    • Deneb herself is a Berserk Button made life form for him.
    • Calling him any form of bird, especially a duck, is a sure shot way to get his undivided attention and fury.
    • Messing with his friend Gibald, or even his newfound friend Denam, is another sure-fire way to provoke him.
    • Last and not least important, you do not fuck around with his sister Iuria. Do just that, and Canopus will make sure your life ends at the following minute.
  • Blow You Away: Constantly associated with the element. All his special moves in the original are Wind-attuned.
  • Deadpan Snarker: A big-time snarker, shown from the start. Toned down in the remake; but not without adding more snark, such as his bickering with Vyce.
  • Disc-One Nuke: He's going to be one of the most powerful characters early game, but unlike a lot of others, he remains useful all the way to the end of the game.
  • Only Sane Man: He tends to have a more level headed outlook than many others in the game. When Ravness's half Galgastani blood is revealed in the final battle of chapter 1 if you side with Leonar, Denam is initially horrified, but Canopus reminds him that one can't control their heritage which calms Denam.
  • Older Than They Look: Since the Hawkmen race live longer than men this gives him an interesting personality dynamic since he is a teenager by his species' standards and has the young and energetic personality but also the life experiences of a 48 year old. This helps him serve as the Older and Wiser companion to Denam.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: And he sure looks attractive to girls.
  • Winged Humanoid: A rare variation of his species. In the original, his class is the Eagle Man, while all generics were Hawkmen.

Mirdyn Walhorn (Mildain Walhorn)

  • Casanova Wannabe: Earned his reputation easily. Doesn't show much of it in battle... That is, until he gets to face and threaten Barbas.
    The original version of this threat: "You know, you should really be worried about yourself before you start worrying about me. Otherwise your face will get so ugly that you won't be able to attract the bitches in Hell!"
  • Knight in Shining Armor: His appearance and initial class is that of a White Knight.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Blue for Gildas.

Gildas W. Byrne (Guildus W. Burn)

Another Holy Knight from Xenobia (precisely, Highlands), who sticks around with him. Likes drinking and women. He usually survives the attack on Rhime and joins Denam's battalion... Except in the Neutral route where he's killed and zombified by Nybeth Obilord, forcing Denam to kill him.


     The Dark Knights Loslorien (Roslolian Templars) 

Lanselot Tartaros (Lans Tatare)
Voiced by: Sho Hayami (JP; Sega Saturn)

High champion of the Dark Knights Loslorien. He was sent to Valeria when a secret treaty was forged between the Holy Lodissian Empire and the Bakram leader Brantyn. The Dark Knights report directly to High Priest Sardian, and Lanselot is thought to be his top lieutenant.

  • Affably Evil: He's not that bad of a person. He demonstrates obsequiousness to Denam when they first meet, tries to keep Brantyn in line with the peace treaty with the Walister, and barely puts any effort into killing Denam.
  • Bait-and-Switch: Some players might actually think that he is the Big Bad - historically, he helped shape Denam, Caitua, and Vyce into the people they are today by raiding their village and torturing Denam's father. He is an extension of a foreign power who is portrayed as malign, helps out one of the other antagonists (Brantyn), and even opposes Denam. Yet he tries to make amends for it, holds nothing personal against Denam and co... and the Big Bad is actually more along the lines of Barbas.
  • Deadpan Snarker: A master of it, especially in the original translation.
  • Eyepatch of Power
  • Fallen Hero: The protagonist of the Knight of Lodis prequel where he was a genuine Knight in Shining Armor and heroic young man trying to do the right thing. And then he lost Eleanor.
  • Foil: To the OTHER Lanselot, both being high-ranking knights on secret missions. Both also lost people dear to them, but while Hamilton never lost his ideals with his wife's death urging him to keep doing the right thing, Tartaros became bitter, angry, and spiteful towards God.
  • Good Powers, Bad People: Despite being the leader of the dreaded Dark Knights and a major antagonist for most of the game, he focuses on Divine Magic and his signature weapon, taken from a fallen archangel, can only do Light based damage.
  • Hobbes Was Right: His comments on humanity echo many points of this.
  • Karma Houdini: Despite the misery and death he's left in his wake, he manages to survive the game and flee back to his homeland. At worst his mission ended in failure with his knights displaced from Valeria, but what they were searching for turned out to be beyond their control anyway and probably would have ended even worse for them.
  • Knight in Sour Armor: What he went through in The Knight of Lodis made him a very bitter man.
  • Light Is Not Good: He uses Holy magic, but make no mistake; his uses for it are generally to hurt you bad.
  • Nay-Theist: Though he is the High Champion of a religious empire and personally defeated a Fallen Angel in his own game, he still believes it's foolish for people to rely on divine providence in order to obtain what can be achieved by their own will.
  • One-Man Army: In-universe. He holds the rank of Death Templar who are said to have the strength of five hundred men, meaning they are not to be taken lightly. He lives up to this trope both in his battle at Barnicia, and in Denam's alternate time travel battle at the last CODA.
  • Rogue Protagonist: Rather, Knight of Lodis was a prequel about his Start of Darkness. The canon ending, that is. You'll notice that when you fight him, he has the sword he got from Shaher.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: When he realizes that the secrets of the Valerian royal family are WAY beyond his weight class (as he knows full well from past experience that Evil Is Not a Toy) he does the surprisingly logical thing and decides to get the hell out and flee back to Lodis. However, his subordinates had a different idea and thought they could control it. It ended badly for them while Tartaros and Balxephon managed to sneak back home.

Balxephon V. Rahms (Balzepho Van Rams)

Second-in-command of the Dark Knights Loslorien, hailing from Gallius, seat of the Holy Lodissian Empire. He is the son of Stratarchis Vogras, who commanded five of the orders of knighthood in Lodis. Loslorien enjoys independence from the Senate thanks to the influence of Vogras. Balxephon is a firm believer in discipline and following orders.

  • Karma Houdini: In the original (As well as Neutral and Chaotic routes in the PSP version).
    • In the PSP lawful game, however, it's implied that he will be facing the court for his crimes, as he's exposed in front of Volaq, a very loyal knight of Lodis. This on top of the fact that the player can beat him up.
  • Self-Made Orphan: Okay, he was already pretty old when he killed his's also implied he was behind his mother's poisoning. The worst part? He framed his own brother for his father's murder.
  • The Unfought: In the SNES and PS1 versions.

Volaq Windsalf (Volac Winzalf)

A Loslorien commander. Little is known of his past, or how he came to join the Dark Knights. His loyalty to Lodis is unquestionable, and he has earned a great deal of respect from those serving under him. A career soldier, he never lets personal matters interfere with his duties.

  • Honor Before Reason: Subverted. The revelation of Balxephon's actions do cause him to want to get Balxephon arrested and to face his crimes, but he keeps trying to tell Ozma that Balxephon will be charged after his group returns to Lodis, as he is in a foreign land.
  • Lawful Good: From the perspective of Lodis, he is this.
  • Mysterious Past: His past is unknown, but his last name has been used in March of the Black Queen, belonging to both Highlanders Hikash and Rauny. This generates guessing if Volaq used to be a member of the Highland nobility that defected to the Loslorien. Nothing came out from it, however.
  • Skippable Boss: He's a sidequest boss in the remake, accessible on the Lawful Route.
  • Token Good Teammate: Volaq is one of the few Dark Knights who never does anything malicious or personal towards the heroes. He's never shown slaughtering or harassing people, he never fought the heroes, and was only polite to them. His only real crime towards the player is serving The Empire. The PSP version keeps this intact and expands upon it with the fact that he's more than willing to get Balxephon in trouble. He also gets to escape Valeria with Lanselot and Balxephon... Which is bad for the latter on the Law Route.
  • Undying Loyalty: This guy serves Lodis with unmistakable fervor. To the point that, in the Law Route, he takes notes when Hobyrim exposes Balxephon and starts moving to make sure Balxephon actually pays for his crimes.
  • The Unfought: Until the PSP Version. There actually wasn't even battle data for him!

Martym Noumous (Martym Nowmas)

A Loslorien commander from Gallius, seat of the Holy Lodissian Empire. He is known for his cunning swordplay. He will stop at nothing to achieve victory, living by the motto, "It always comes to blood." Though his words lack grace, he wields a blade with great finesse. He was one of the Dark Knights who attacked Golyat.

  • Ax-Crazy: Like his partner-in-crime, Martym is borderline insane. When you rescue Lindl in Grimsby, you catch him just about to "pass divine judgement" on the gunslinger.
  • Deadpan Snarker: "Oh thank you, thank you, great paragon of righteousness, for showing up at the least opportune moment." Said when Denam crashes into his "divine judgement" he was about to pass on Lindl.
  • The Dragon: To Barbas.
  • Light Is Not Good: He has offensive holy magic and (possibly sarcastically) believes that Philaha tells him to kill people.
  • Smug Snake: His personality and the expression he has on his face in the PSP version.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: In the second version of the game. Not that he wasn't an enormous Jerkass in the original version already.

Barbas Dahd Geuse (Barbas Dud Goose)

A Loslorien commander hailing from Bomouth on the borderlands of Lodis. He is a giant of a man, and the most bloodthirsty of the seven Loslorien commanders. He was put on trial for beating a superior to death, but was saved from execution by Lanselot Tartaros. He was also among the Dark Knights who attacked Golyat a year ago.

  • Ax-Crazy: Barbas has fun swinging his humongous mace around and turning living things into mush with it.
  • Big Bad: He is perhaps the closest the game has to this.
  • Blood Knight: He disobeys orders and invades Rhime just for a chance to clash swords with Lans Hamilton.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: Barbas was originally just some axe-crazy knight; however, he was later invited by Tartaros himself to serve as a Temple Commando. Near the end of the game, this buffoon actually wields the power to open up gates to the netherrealm. This essentially makes him the main antagonist, too.
  • Not So Different: He claims that Denam seeks the thrill of battle just as much as he.
  • The Starscream: He essentially is this to the Dark Knights.
  • Unfortunate Names: Probably second to only Arycelle/Aloser... Barbas' original surname was combining something really silly and a fowl species. Seriously... Dud Goose!?
  • You Killed My Father: Vyce holds this view towards him because... well you probably don't need to guess why.

Oz Moh Glacius (Oz Mow Gracious)

A Loslorien commander from Gallius, seat of the Holy Lodissian Empire, and twin brother to Dame Ozma. He was an expert swordsman, receiving top honors from the Xanam Officer's Academy. He was assigned to the Dark Knights at the recommendation of the Gallius Guild of Magi. His sadistic nature was evident in his actions on the field of battle and in his questioning of prisoners.

  • Blood Knight: He really likes causing his enemies pain. "An eye or an ear?" is a frequent question that he poses to his victims. This leads him to refusing to retreat in the fight against him at the end of Chapter 3, resulting in his death.
  • Cold-Blooded Torture: Treats this like a sport. And he has the gall to ask you how do you want him to torture you. Just check his dialogue with Denam at Boed Fortress in the Chaotic route:
    Oz: Your ears or your nose?
    Denam: What?
    Oz: Our meeting can be no coincidence. You must have a spy in Phidoch. How else would you know to come here? I should take you alive and have the names of your whisperers.
    Denam: I would never betray my men!
    Oz: No, I think not. You enjoy playing the martyr too much. So I ask you: Which shall I cut off first? Your ears or your nose?
    Denam: ...
    Oz: We'll see how tight-lipped and stoic you are under the knife, boy.

Ozma Moh Glacius (Ozma Mow Gracious)

A Loslorien commander from Gallius, seat of the Holy Lodissian Empire. She was of House Glacius, patrons of the Gallius Guild of Magic, and twin sister to the Dark Knight Oz. She wielded both spell and blade with equal skill.

Andoras Gaffryn (Andoras Gafrun)

A Loslorien commander from Niemaran, a small town in the borderlands of Lodis. He is of Bolmoccan descent. He is last born of the former Nildahme royal house, which once wielded great power throughout the Sea of Lhai region. The Holy Lodissian Empire saw the bountiful lands of the Kingdom of Nildahme as ripe for the taking. They staged an uprising among the enslaved mass from which the ruling house had fattened their purse, then sent in their armies. Fearing for his life, the King hastily abandoned all resistance, and yielded to the Lodissians. Since then the Bolmoccans have endured lives of servitude. He prefers hand-to-hand combat to swordplay, and is a masterful strategist.

  • Ascended Extra: Was originally a mini-boss with an optional story near the end of the game (You only saw it if you deployed Canopus with you). The remake gives him an extra fight before the Barnicia raid, with interactions that expand on his character. You also fight him as part of the Superboss squad in CODA 4.
  • Ambiguously Brown: Well, chances are, his ethnicity is the equivalent of Africa or Jamaica.
  • Bare-Fisted Monk: Stated to prefer fists over swords. He does equip fist-based weaponry though.
  • Fallen Prince: Of the Nidahme Family in Bolmocca, whose kingdom was taken by the Loslorien.
  • Foreshadowing: He warns Denam to Make Valeria as strong as a rock - because had that happened to his homeland, they wouldn't have been taken over.
  • It's All About Me: Both Canopus and Ozma accuse him of this. Andoras does nothing to counter these words, rather playing along.
  • It's Personal: He turned on the Dark Knights because of how they took over his country.
  • The Slacker: It's intentional. He himself states he's sure that Denam will take Barnicia before fleeing the first battle, implying that he is counting on Tartaros taking such a blow.
  • Took A Level In Jerk Ass: In the PSP version, he taunts you quite a bit when you fight him.


Nybeth Obdilord (Nybbas Obderhode)

A Galgastani necromancer who serves the Kingdom of Galgastan. He was consul to Almorica while it was under Galgastani control.

  • Bonus Boss: The only way to kill him for good is at the bottom of the Bonus Dungeon. By this time, he has become a Lich.
  • Expansion Pack Past: A weird version. In the PSP remake, his family changes depending on which route is taken: in the Neutral route, Oelias and Dievold are his family; while in the Chaos route, Cassandra, Moldova, and Cressida are his family. Even their surnames and Warren Report profiles are changed depending on the route to reflect this. May be implied that he had two families and kept one hidden from the other.
  • Face Death with Dignity: Even if you kill him for good at the bottom of the Palace of the Dead he thinks becoming one with The Dark will be fascinating.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Never gets upset, never talks in a non-genteel tone; even when he's committing Body Horror on people.
  • Mad Scientist: He seeks to find a way to "perfect" resurrection - the undying body of the undead with the spark of life of the human soul.
  • Necromantic: He raises his wife from the dead. Both of his wives.
  • Never Found the Body: He did say he was going to become one with the Dark, implying that you didn't actually land the killing blow making it difficult to bring proof that he indeed did die. This is a convenient explanation to allow him to appear in Final Fantasy XIV.

Cassandra Obdilord

A Galgastani who once fought for the armies of Galgastan. She was wife to the Necromancer Nybeth. Cassandra also practiced the dark art of necromancy, and together they instructed their daughters Moldova and Cressida in its ways. They believed that necromancy allowed those who died before their time a chance to fulfill their ambitions. Cassandra battled Denam to avenger her daughter Moldova's killing, but was slain. Nybeth later raised her as a zombie, but she fell in battle with Denam's unit once more, and was finally put to rest.

Moldova Obdilord

A Galgastani who once fought for the armies of Galgastan. She was the daughter of the Necromancer Nybeth, and studied necromancy under him together with her mother, Cassandra, and sister, Cressida. By studying death in all its forms, she believed it would one day be possible to cheat death entirely. She was betrothed to Hektor, head of House Didarro of Coritanae, and their wedding was close at hand. She was killed in a battle against the Walister Resistance at Krysaro. Her father Nybeth later resurrected her, but failed to restore her memory, and she attacked her sister Cressida. Her soul was finally set to rest after Resistance forces defeated her once more.

  • Ascended Extra: Kinda. In the original game, she was just Nybeth's apprentice that you killed in Krisaro to rescue Presance and Leonar. In the PSP remake, she actually becomes his daughter in the Chaos route.

Cressida Obdilord

Another new character added to the PSP version. A Galgastani who once her served her clan in battle. She is the daughter of the Necromander Nybeth. Together with mother, Cassandra, and sister, Moldova, she practices necromancy under her father.

  • Bad Powers, Good People: She became a necromancer for the sole purpose of helping the dead achieve peace by fulfilling their dying wishes. However, you only see this side of hers in Chaos route. In Neutral route, she remains a staunch supporter of Nybbeth and Denam called her foul.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Her personality depends on what chapter you take, but only if you're on Chaos route. Stay in Chaos route and she remains sympathetic as more of her struggles are shown. Take Neutral route and she became a typical evil necromancer much like her relatives.
  • Decomposite Character: Originally, her plotline was going to be an alternate path for Oelias but it was decided to make her an independent character.
  • Guide Dang It!: Don't lie - nobody recruited her without consulting a guide.
  • Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter
  • My God, What Have I Done?
  • Mythology Gag: Her first name is the same as that of a minor boss in Knight of Lodis, whose motivation for fighting you was revenge for the death of her parents.
  • Undying Loyalty: Is so loyal to the Galgastan Kingdom that you need to be in good standing with them to recruit her.

Reymos Cavour

A Bakram who served his clan from the shadows. He was tasked with locating an artifact said to be hidden at Lhazan Fortress. While passing near Vasque he was set upon by Ocionne, but he repelled her attack. Learning that Ocionne was a survivor from Vasque, he forced her to lead him to the fortress. He later perished in an engagement with Resistance forces there. Reymos was dedicated to the dark art of necromancy. This is rare for one serving the Bakram army, where the Order of Philaha holds much sway. A man of cruel and callous nature, he sought to bolster the army by reviving the fallen as undead under his command.

Georges Sekendorff

A new character fought in the PSP remake. A necromancer Denam meets during his descent on the Palace of the Dead. Nothing is known of him aside that he's been sighter in Port Asyton and the village of Vasque.

    Religious Figures 

Prancet Pavel (Plancy Powell)

The father of Denam and Catuia, an abuna in the island town of Golyat until the Dark Knights Loslorien assaulted the town and captured him. In reality, his real name is Prancet Morne and he is Exarch Brantyn's younger brother. Before King Dorgalua's disappearance and death, he tasked Prancet with raising his bastard child, Versalia (Catuia), far from the vindictive gaze of his wife Vernotta after his affair was made light.

Olivya Phoraena (Olivia Foriner)

Last daughter of Mreuva Phoraena, and stuck with him in the Philaha Order. She used to be Denam's childhood friend and grew up together. Later, she took over Brigantys Castle to protect Denam's father Prancet, but failed to save him. She ends up leading Denam to Mreuva.

  • All Love Is Unrequited: She is in love with Denam, however Word of God states her feelings are unrequited.
  • Daddy's Girl: Unlike her sisters Olivya stayed with her father and didn't involve herself in the war until Denam came.
  • Every Scar Has a Story: She hit her head when she and Denam nearly drowned and bears a scar on her forehead. It's how Denam is able to remember that they were childhood sweethearts.
  • Forgotten First Meeting: While she remembers it clearly, Denam wasn't even aware that he and Olivya grew up together.
  • Making a Splash: Her element is water.
  • Nice Girl: A genuine sweetheart and Proper Lady, lacking the Hot-Blooded nature of her sisters.
  • Odd Name Out: In the first version of the game, she was the only sister to not have a "S" at the start of her name. In the second version of the game, she is still the only sister to lack a soft consonant at the start of her name.
  • She's Got Legs: So much so that they gave her stockings in the American cover. This might've also had something to do with how her pose on the JP boxart made it look like she wears nothing under her dress.
  • Token Religious Teammate: The only Phoraena sister that stuck with the religious order while her big sisters all went to non-religious paths.
  • The Ugly Guy's Hot Daughter: Mreuva is more old than ugly, but Olivya and all her sisters are knockouts.
  • Wise Beyond Their Years: Olivya might be the youngest of the Phoraena siblings, but she's definitely the most level-headed, that she never lost faith in religion or her father.

Archiereus Mreuva Phoraena (Moruba Foriner)

A Bakram from Heim who was once Archiereus of the Order of Philaha in the Kingdom of Valeria. He left Heim after being ousted by Exarch Brantyn. He continued to travel the lands spreading the word of Philaha, but went missing at the outbreak of war.

Oelias Melandyl/Obdilord (Orias Obderhode)

A Galgastani from Brigantys. She is the daughter of the Necromancer Nybeth. She resented her father's debasement of human life, and sought solace in the Order. When her brother Dievold fell victim to Nybeth's necromancy, she resolved to confront him. Together with Dievold she set off to locate their father. She is fiercely protective of her brother, who is now cut off from the world of the living.

  • Arch-Enemy: She holds Nybeth in that regard.
  • Expansion Pack Past: In the PSP version, she is only related to Nybeth in the Neutral route. In the Chaos route, she isn't and has the surname "Melandyl". Though it's implied that Nybeth has two families, so...
  • I Hate You, Necromancer Dad: She has an extremely good reason to despise her dad, starting from toying with the souls of the dead, and then doing his work on Dievold...
  • Mad Necromancer's Beautiful Daughter: As well as The Ugly Guy's Hot Daughter. Oelias is an attractive lady, compared to her cragged old man Nybbeth.
  • Tomato in the Mirror: The body she is inhabiting actually belonged to Nybeth's deceased daughter, Amala. Oelias was Amala's mother who died along with her. In other words, she's Nybeth's wife.

Dievold Rane/Obdilord (Debordes Obderhode)

A Galgastani from Brigantys. He is the son of the Necromancer Nybeth, and brother to Oelias. When war broke out he was slain for opposing Hierophant Balbatos, but his father later resurrected him through necromancy. However, his new body consists of a patchwork of corpses, and he has changed irrevocably.

  • Adaptational Intelligence: Dievold is far more intelligent (even capable of holding a normal conversation) in the remake than he was in the original, where he was just a slightly more intelligent zombie.
  • Expansion Pack Past: In the PSP version he is only related to Nybeth in the Neutral route. In the Chaos route, he isn't and has the surname "Rane". It's implied Nybeth has two families, however.
  • Frankenstein's Monster: In the first version of the game, he fulfills the stereotypical part. In the second version of the game, he is more like the true original, being eloquent in speech and reasoning.
  • Hulk Speak: In the first version of the game. The remake allows him to speak like a normal person.
  • Permanently Missable Content: In the first version, if you failed to keep Oelias alive in her debut chapter, Dievold is gone for good due to his inability to speak. This is averted in the PSP remake, since he's capable of speech, he could tell his story and got Denam to ask him to join, in which he obliged.


Xapan Illudas (Zapan Illudus)

A soldier with the Walister Resistance. He was a sellsword who traded his services for coin. Willing to take on any task for the right price, they say he would have sold his own mother to line his pockets.

  • An Axe to Grind: Always seen with a big badass axe. If you take the time to recruit him only in Chapter 4 in the Law Route on the original, he nets you an unique axe.
  • Boisterous Bruiser: Xapan is this all the way, no matter the route, he's always this big, boisterous fighter with an axe with a hearty laugh to go (it even has its own animation!). If he's the highlight of the Law Ending, he also gave Denam a big hug for that.
  • Psycho for Hire: In the Chaos and Neutral routes, where Vyce is paying him to chase Denam.

Hobyrim Steelsong V. Rahms (Haborym)

A blind swordsman that aids Denam after being helped in a tight situation and states to have a personal beef with the Loslorien. He's actually a Lodissian swordmaster who once served with the Dark Knights Loslorien. He is the second son of Stratarchis Vogras, a Lodissian of great influence, and is brother to the Dark Knight Balxephon. He bears the title "Steelsong". Accused of patricide, his eyes were gouged out, and he was banished from Lodis. Hobyrim came to Valeria seeking vengeance against the true culprit, his brother Balxephon. The Dark Knight Ozma was formerly his betrothed.

  • Blind Weaponmaster: He may be blind, be he knows perfectly his way around and exactly where to swing his sword/s. To the point he was a Game-Breaker in the original.
  • Cutscene Power to the Max: He is introduced felling two pursuers with one stroke, but he can scarce repeat such a feat with a single foe in the following battle.
  • Disability Superpower: He's blind, but is one of the most powerful units you can recruit. Lanselot even refers to him as the best swordsman in Lodis.
  • Dual Wield: As Swordmasters could do this in the original.
  • The Exile: He was exiled from his homeland after being blinded.
  • Older Than They Look: He's 31, according to the Warren Report. He does not look like he's in his 30s - he looks old enough to be Denam's father.
  • Overrated and Underleveled: Averted - even if he was blind, he has the highest dexterity in the first version of the game (useful for the Petrify spell) and is still one of the best units ever. However, in the second version of the game it's possible for him to be dropped down a couple levels when you recruit him due to the way the leveling system works.
  • You Killed My Father: Or rather, ours.

Ocionne Rabine (Oxyones Lavin)

A disciple of the Sea God Vasque who survived a purge of the enemies of Hierophant Balbatos. Her village was attacked by Jeunan's wyrmknights, and now lies in ruin. A handful of survivors took shelter at Lhazan Fortress. She sought revenge and attempted to kill Jeunan when they met. However, Denam can convince her not to do it and told her to stick with Jeunan just so she had a better chance to kill him, or see how much Jeunan has changed. She stuck with the second.

  • Arch-Nemesis: She considers herself this to Jeunan, responsible for the massacre of her village.
  • The Beast Master: She is a skilled dragon tamer.
  • Defiant to the End: In the Neutral and Chaos routes, Reymos attacks Vasque and kills whoever was in the village in an attempt to add these people to his ranks of undead forces, with Ocionne being one of the last survivors and willing to go down swinging. Had Denam not come to her rescue, she would have shared the same fate.
  • Guide Dang It!: How to recruit her in the original. You have absolutely zero hints that she might pop up or she's even linked with Jeunan's past (at the very least, she appears in all routes in the remake despite not joining in Chaos or Neutral). First you need to take Jeunan in the battle in the interior of Coritanae to learn hints about that past in Chapter 3. Then in Chapter 4, just have to get into a random battle Brumor Plains (Belmorose Highwilds) and put Jeunan into battle and then hope that Ocionne would pop up with her four Holy Dragons. Then you have to listen to all the dialogues between Jeunan, Ocionne and also Denam before lowering her HP to 10%. Nowhere else hinted her existence.
  • Little Miss Badass: She is fifteen and an accomplished Dragon Tamer.
  • Technical Pacifist: She will take to fight when necessary, but she absolutely hates violence, being that even the reason she refuses to join Denam in the Neutral and Chaos routes.

Jonathon Torgeaux Lindl (Rendal)

A young warrior hailing from the southern continent of Balboede who has trained in the use of the fusils made there. He came close to defeat at the hands of the Dark Knight Martym at Grimsby, but was saved by Denam. He journeyed to Valeria to purvey the sophisticated weaponry of his homeland. The guns made there can inflict terrible damage, but require training to use as they are vastly different to more traditional weapons. Too elaborate to make in large quantities, they are sold for princely sums.

  • Guns Are Worthless: Averted - Guns can be pretty deadly even if they don't have the advantage of infinite range.
  • Hollywood Atheist: Zig-zagged.
  • Optional Party Member
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: Archers often deal more damage than his guns do. But in the first version of the game guns do have infinite range, which would be good if you get him out of range.
    • What also doesn't help is he joins very very late in the game, and in the PSP version he will be stuck with his class at level one when you're almost ready to beat the game.
  • Pistol Whip: Melee attacks with him are this.

Deneb Rove (Deneb Rhobe)

A Xenobian of unknown origin who once served with the Mages Regiment of the Kingdom of New Xenobia. She was a principal architect of the kingdom's establishment. Her thirst for arcane knowledge is boundless, and she has come to Valeria to gather funds to further her studies. She created a band of pumpkin servants to help with her shop, but they felt unfairly treated and rebelled against her. She brought them to heel with the help of Denam, and went on to join the Resistance.

  • Bad Boss: She is very much against the idea of paying fair wages to her workers, which causes one of her Pumpkinheads to rebel.
  • Black Magician Girl: To be expected from a magic specialist. In the original she can access all elemental magic except Holy.
  • Body Surf: It's heavily implied that she jumps from one body to another to survive, with Canopus laying this accusation at her in the remake.
  • Buxom Is Better: Matsuno has said her three sizes are B91/W61/H89 while Masao claimed they are 99.9/55.5/88.8. They're probably joking.
  • Cute Witch: In the second version of the game.
  • Fiery Redhead: Hides beautiful ginger hair under her enormous witch hat.
  • Hot Witch: In the first version of the game.
  • Legacy Character: Although it's very probable that she's the same witch across all Ogre Battle games.
  • Optional Party Member: The most optional character of the game, as getting her involves buying tons of content from her secret shop in Chapter 4 and then offering to recruit her. In the PSP remake, you also have to go through a small sidequest with her. In both versions, gathering Glass Pumpkins from the Palace of the Dead and selling those to her before recruiting her gives either better gear in the SFC/PSX versions, or her unique Wicce class in the PSP remake.
  • Say It with Hearts: In the first version of the game, but not the second.

Diego Galet Azelstan

Another PSP newcomer. A legendary Galgastani pirate. In his younger days he was known to all who sailed the coastal waters of Valeria. He was greatly feared for the abandon with which he snatched away both cargo and lives. Then one day he took to the shore and disappeared. He is also known to have returned unscathed from the Pirate's Graveyard, a place that has claimed the lives of countless sailors.

  • Death Seeker: After the above, he went to the Pirate Graveyard, but felt it was for those "who went the full distance".
  • Drowning My Sorrows: The bottle seldom leaves his hand or mouth until he joins you.
  • Pirate: His previous occupation.
  • Red Baron: Was known as the Dread Pirate Azelstan.
  • Retired Badass

Iuria Wolph

Another addition to the PSP version of the game. A songtress and sister to Canopus, she comes to Valeria to perform and ends up possessed by a Wicce in the Pirate's Graveyard. She joins her brother and Denam's team once she is rescued by them.

  • Bare Your Midriff
  • Demonic Possession: By the Wicce Sirene.
  • Idol Singer: She has become a rather famous singer in the time between March of the Black Queen and Let Us Cling Together.
  • Spoony Bard: Her initial class the songstress provides buffs and debuffs. Some like Ardent Conga are very useful while others not so much.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: She gives one to Canopus and Denam for freeing her from Sirene's possession, as Sirene was actually quite lonely and Iuria kept her company.
  • Winged Humanoid

Robert Rudlum (Radlum)

A Warlock Denam stumbles upon while descending the Palace of the Dead. He joins while claming to be looking for the Draconic Magic contained within the place. Nothing is known of his past.

  • Body Surf: If his death phrase is any sign, Abeleo might be doing this. Explains how Canopus and his Xenobian team failed to outright recognize him.
  • The Dragon: To Rashidi, who is the original game's Big Bad.
  • Legacy Character: He happens to be Abeleo, Rashidi's dragon from March of the Black Queen.
  • Mysterious Past: He discloses nothing about who he really is, for good reasons as Canopus' whole team would be pretty interested in killing him if they found out he is actually Abeleo.
  • Optional Party Member: You have to keep him alive in a battle on the second floor of the Palace of the Dead.

Punkin the Bewitched

One of the golems created by the Wicce Deneb to aid her in her work. Punkin soon emerged as their leader due to her aggressive nature. She started life as a pumpkind, but took on human qualities through her strong desire to be treated fairly. Blamed for the banditry carried out at an abandoned village, she fought Denam and was defeated. In the end she was allowed to take over Deneb's shop. She does brisk business, but has trouble keeping up with payments to Deneb and the other workers. She does appear to be enjoying herself, at least. Apparently she was taught the secret of becoming human by a sage she met in the Palace of the Dead, but she will say no more on the subject. In her spare time she busies herself growing pumpkins and perfecting her recipe for pumpkin pie.

    Historical Figures 

King Dorgalua Oberyth Valeria (King Dolgare Overis)

A Bakram who once ruled the Kingdom of Valeria. He united the scattered dominions of Valeria through his great vision and public favor. Upon becoming king he sought to end hostilities between the various factions. He left no successor, and war soon broke out in Valeria following his death.

  • A God Am I
  • Final Boss
  • Love Makes You Crazy: He tries to embrace the power of the Dark after he loses his wife and his son. It goes awry and he becomes an Ogre.
  • Mirror Boss: He creates replicas of deployed party members at the start of the fight.
  • One-Winged Angel: Which takes scratch damage to everything but a couple things.
  • Posthumous Character: Died before the events of the game. Later turned out to be false, he was exploring the underworld in order to find a way to retrieve his family.
  • Walking Spoiler: The truth about his character is this.

Queen Vernotta Eltynaha Oberyth (Queen Bernata)

A Bakram who was queen consort to the Dynast-King. She was born into the noble House Eltynaha, and the King took her as his queen upon uniting Valeria under his rule. After learning her handmaiden Mannaflora was with child by the King, Vernotta had her exiled. She later bore the King a son, but the child perished in an accident. The distraught Queen was beset by illness, and passed away at the tender age of 30.

Mannaflora Befonda (Manaflora)

A Bakram who was mother to Catiua. Catiua was conceived after Mannaflora caught the eye of King Dorgalua while serving as handmaiden to Queen Vernotta. She was forced to flee after incurring the wrath of the queen. She died after giving birth to Catiua.



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